Minutes of Sept. 7, 2016 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Sept. 7, 2016

Members Present: Karen Krater, Rich Brandt, Donald Leibig, Craig Thompson & Mervin Horst

Minutes:  Aug. 3, 2016 minutes approved as written

Reports:  Karen Krater reported on Board of Supervisors meeting.

Old Business:

Ordinance #091416 – Board reviewed and recommends for approval.

New Business:

  • Raymond Zimmerman was present to discuss proposed zoning change on his property located along 419 at east end of township. Existing zoning is I-1 and proposed change is a portion of tract along 419 to C-2. Mr. Zimmerman was concerned how this will affect his property and access to I-1. Board told him that an access drive would still be allowed through the C-2 into the I-1 portion and C-2 would offer additional permitted uses.
  • Paul Miller present to discuss proposed zoning change from R-1 to E-1 on his property located at 230 S. Fort Zellers Rd. His letter of concern was received and discussed.       His main concerns are that E-1 is more restrictive and how will that affect existing commercial use or his possible future plans? Board explained commercial use would require a variance in either zoning classification from the Zoning Hearing Board and that previous owner had obtained a variance for cabinet making shop in one of the outbuildings. It is Board’s belief that a variance does not “run with the land” but Mr. Miller was told he could confirm this with LCPD and or Township Solicitor. He also asked about procedure process of zoning amendments and was encouraged to attend the 9/14 Board of Supervisors meeting for public comment.
  • Alvin Stoltzfus (greenhouses on Richland Rd.) requested that his request to install less pavement than his approved plan indicated be in the minutes, and requests he be placed on the 9/14 Board of Supervisor’s agenda to request same.
  • Scott Sweigart – member of Millcreek Township Zoning Hearing Board was present to discuss classification on what is considered a farm. Current definition does not mention minimum acreage and perhaps it should? Discussed 10 AC “farmettes” vs. 2 AC max allowed subdivided lot. No conclusions made, further consideration necessary before any recommendations to zoning ordinance made.


Correspondence:  reviewed.

Building Permits:

44-16 Erin & Elisabeth Putt 9 Abbey Lane solar panels $29,499.60
45-16 Melissa Mellon 251 Memorial Blvd. AG pool $300
46-16 Samuel & Bethany Snyder 2 Progress Dr. deck $2,000
47-16 Stephanie Axarlis 50 S. Mountain Rd. 2nd story add. $110,000
48-16 Leon & Carole Peiffer 223 W. Main St. addition $52,075
49-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#383, 14 Eagleview Dr. SFD $94,900
50-16 Darryl & Christine Yeakley 26 Central Dr. patio add. $600
51-16 Paul Brubaker 38 Stricklerstown Rd. moving house $68,000
52-16 Joelli Diaz 10 N. Sheridan Rd. deck/pool
53-16 Nestles Water NA 110 W. Bethany Rd. demo summer home $1,000
54-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#402 27 Eagleview Dr. SFD $115,800
55-16 Joshua & Jennnifer Henning 120 Edgemont Ln. shed $2957
56-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot #401, 25 Eagleview Dr. SFD $155,800
57-16 Elvin & Vera Martin 633 Stricklerstown Rd. gazebo $17,000


Adjournment: 8:50 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for 10/5/16.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater