Minutes of July 5, 2016 – Recreation Board



July 5, 2016

Present at the meeting – Bob Wright, Maureen McGuire, Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle

Prior to meeting Bob, Justin and Anthony completed work detail to assemble new soccer benches.

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Director Bob Wright


June Minutes – approved by unanimous vote.

Correspondence – email from Douglas Grove expressing interest in joining the Rec Board. Was sent to Township and Lorie forwarded to Bob.  Bob sent two emails in response and has not to date heard back from Mr. Grove.

Treasurer’s Report – report on general fund, summer and soccer accounts, approved by unanimous vote.

Summer Playground – 103 children registered to date; 2 parents and 1 teacher helping the week Maureen is gone; some kids with minor injuries (bee stings, scrapes, etc.); no further vandalism.

Newmanstown-Richland Soccer Club – 4 teams in each age group; coaches meeting went well; will have to order shirts; one possible additional coach; Justin will send email out about field and goal set up help.

Field Rental Schedule/Women’s Softball Coordinator – some rentals over the summer; big tournament September 17-18 by U10 Central Penn Renegades. Women’s softball on Tuesdays.  Community Softball on Wednesdays.

Snack Stand – have enough food through soccer season because pre-ordered for ELCO Youth Baseball tournament; Maureen will draft letter to EYB about money spent and late cancellation; need coverage for National Night Out and Fall Soccer.

Bylaws – tabled until November 2016 meeting.

Newmanstown Community Assn. – follow up with Playground Pros; use water and Gatorade to sell at games and donate to NCA along with player $1 fees.  Possibly print out papers for donation jar. Design a logo contest through Middle School art teacher.

Newburg Fields – bases from tee ball are back in storage; notify coaches to call Bob if neighbors harass; work with supervisors to determine exact boundaries; use snow fence to mark water well.

Keys/Shirts for Newer Board Members – shirts are done; Bob getting keys from Tony Fiorini.

Playground Tee Shirts – order completed, will distribute as needed.

Co-ed Pickup Softball – games begin on Wednesday July 6, 2016 and run until August 24, 2016. Takes place at 6 PM at the ball fields.  $1 donation to play.


Soccer Benches – prior to this meeting, Bob, Justin and Anthony met for work detail to put together the new 15 foot soccer bench, which will also be used for baseball in the spring at Newburg fields.

National Night Out – check with Davin at Crime Watch whether they want stand open; due to lack of volunteers this is last year for NNO.

Upcoming Projects

Lending Library, approved by unanimous voice vote, Justin will construct;

Movie in the Park, perhaps in September, Anthony’s family member has popcorn machine, details TBD, check with Sherwin Williams about discount white paint and long extension cord;

Old Soccer Shirts, find distribution use;

Storage Shed, need additional room for playground items

Soccer Practices – to be determined

Playground Pros Approved for Needed Repairs at Current Playground – determine responsibility for costs and work once they inspect and recommend.

Fall Frolic Volunteers – send volunteer letters to all area churches.

Next meeting on August 1, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by J. Arndt , seconded by A. Gettle at 8:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.