June 16, 2016 – Recreation Board



June 16, 2016

Present at the meeting – Bob Wright, Maureen McGuire, Justin Arndt, Angie Holmes, Anthony Gettle

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Director Bob Wright


May Minutes – approved by unanimous vote.

Correspondence – flyer from Elite Bus Company. Bill from Boyer’s, flyer from website developer.

Treasurer’s Report – report on general fund, summer and soccer accounts, approved by unanimous vote.

Summer Playground – To date 8o children registered, including several with special needs. Looking for substiture to cover for Maureen while she’s away July 11-14 (Mon-Thurs) to assist Jamie.  Averaging nearly 60 per day in attendance.  Phillies tickets were received and Bob provided to Maureen, who will distribute to those who signed up.  Basketball hoop nets need replacement, determine responsibility.  Some mischief seems to occur at or near playground pavilion after dusk.  Maureen notified Police Dept. and Crime Watch.  Look into video surveillance systems and corresponding signs, consult with Chief Hostetter on same.

Newmanstown-Richland Soccer Club – have 20 in age 6-8 group and 15 in age 3-5 group signed up to date. Maureen will provide Justin with online link to obtain volunteer clearances for any coaches that need them.  Those who’ve previously volunteered need to submit copy, clearances are good for 5 years.  Determine need for “Play at your own risk” or similar signs.  There is language to that effect on the playground pavilion sign.  Bob will check with Libby on soccer waiver form (initial draft completed, have to look into whether the NRSC needs a tax id number for waiver).  Plan to order another 15 foot soccer bench for upcoming season.  Benches can also be used at Newburg Fields in the spring for baseball.

Field Rental Schedule/Women’s Softball Coordinator – Renee Yeich has not responded. Bob completed all activity to date.  Anthony is willing to take this over.  ELCO Baseball has an upcoming tournament.  Only rentals need to be done for rest of summer.

Snack Stand – Maureen will check with ELCO Baseball to see whether they need the stand open for both June 18 and June 25 and will let Laura Fiorini know ASAP.

Bylaws – Bob sent most recent copy to Board members. Plan to review and discuss at next meeting.

Newmanstown Community Assn. – Maureen and Angie will coordinate next steps. Sample brick is in the top file cabinet drawer in the garage.  The county has grant money that can be applied for with a breakdown of phases and costs.  Set a meeting date for the summer.


Field Use Requests – completed for Elco Youth Baseball tournament.

Newburg Fields – adjacent residents have interrupted baseball practices telling coaches and players they are not allowed on those areas because the property belongs to them.   Maureen spoke with coaches and parents to advise that only off limit area is that owned by the Water Authority .  Bob is willing to speak with any neighbors complaining and instructed Board members to provide his number as needed.  Discussed marking the boundaries somehow with lines/poles/tape, etc. to clarify.  Will use open area of Newburg for practice field for fall soccer.  Plan to perhaps install a practice field for spring baseball.

Keys/Shirts for Newer Board Members – Bob will order tee shirts and hooded sweatshirts and copy keys.

Playground Tee Shirts – Bob will order extra large shirts as requested for 2 children, as well as more shirts overall due to increase in number of registered kids. Maureen and Angie sorted to determine number.

Co-ed Pickup Softball – games begin on Wednesday July 6, 2016 and run until August 24, 2016. Takes place at 6 PM at the ball fields.  $1 donation to play.

Next meeting on July 5, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by M. McGuire, seconded by J. Arndt at 8:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.