Minutes of Aug. 3, 2016 – Planning Commission

Minutes of August 3, 2016

Members Present: Karen Krater, Rich Brandt, Donald Leibig, Craig Thompson & Mervin Horst

Minutes:  July 6, 2016 minutes approved as written

Reports: none

Old Business:

Ordinance #091416 – Board made cursory review. Final review and letter to Board of Supervisors shall be prepared at Sept. 7, 2016 meeting.


Nye Minor Subdivision Final Plan – 2 lot subdivision on the Brett & Kim Eberly farm, Millbach Rd, A-Agricultural Zoning District. The Board does not believe the plans merit approval based upon the following:

  • This subdivision creates a land-locked parcel
  • There is no lot frontage/lot width at SR 419
  • Applicant intends to utilize a proposed access easement across adjacent property
  • Clarification on # of lots subdivided and remaining lots that can be subdivided from farm. Notes on plan confusing. Where is parcel D?
  • The proposed infiltration pond is underlain by Limestone (per plan certification) and has potential to create sinkholes. Did not see any provisions in basin construction to address this issue, nor any reference or caution for this potential, or what to do on plans.

This plan was started a number of years ago and at that time the Board raised the issue of no lot frontage & creating land-locked parcel. Board suggested purchase of required lot frontage from adjoining farm.  Board recommends Township Zoning Officer and perhaps Township Solicitor review the current proposed driveway access easement for conformance with the Township Zoning Ordinance.  Board opinion is that it does not comply.

In addition, Board requests additional information on the primary and replacement sewage systems.

Correspondence:  reviewed.

Building Permits:

36-16 Richard & Patricia Baker 108 Edgemont Ln. roof over patio $4500
37-16 James & Joann Wiant 126 Treeline Dr. roof over patio $4500
38-16 Walter & Carmen Bochenek 8 Eagle View Dr. shed $4000
39-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#396, 15 Eagle View Dr. SFD $115,800
40-16 Merlin High Lot#439, 139 Sweetwater Ln. SFD $290,000
41-16 David & Donna Noll 337 W. Texter Mission Rd. SFD $379,910
42-16 David & Tina Piccone 38 Progress Dr. AG pool $2667
43-16 Ronald & Frances Schies 109 Round Barn Rd. demo SFD


Adjournment: 8:25 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for 9/7/16.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater