Minutes of March 2, 2016

Members Present: Karen Krater, Rich Brandt, Donald Leibig & Mervin Horst

Absent: Craig Thompson

Minutes: Feb. 3, 2016 minutes approved as written


  • Nestle – Arrowhead Springs Minor Subdivision – Paul Brubaker presented revised plan. Lot lines on north & east boundaries revised slightly to maintain max. lot area of 2 Ac. because house location moved further away from wetlands than previous plan we reviewed last month. It is our understanding this is final plan and required copies with all signatures are forthcoming. The Board recommends the plan as presented, to be approved & will sign accordingly subject to: Final plans consistent with that presented with signatures executed & all approvals attached from LCPD, Gordon Sheetz, and NPDES/BCCD, etc. be in Millcreek Township office prior to Mar. 9, 2016 BOS meeting.

New Business: 


  • Brett & Kim Eberly & daughter Becky in attendance to inquire if they could subdivide lots for daughters any sooner than 5 years apart. Their farm has been preserved exclusive of 6 Ac. for future lots for 3 children. Board indicated they would research and contact them with any information.

Building Permits: 

7-16 Alvin & Miriam Stoltzfus 113 Richland Rd. SFD & det barn $500,000
8-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#385 10 Eagle View Dr. sfd $115,800
10-16 Elwayne & Elizabeth Weaver 650 Stricklerstown Rd. barn $40,000
11-16 Kevin & Darlene Wise 405 W. Main St. shed add. $20,000
13-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot #394, 11 Eagle View Dr. SFD $101,900

Correspondence: reviewed.

Adjournment: 8:00 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for April 6, 2016 @ 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Karen Krater