Minutes of Feb. 3, 2016 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Feb. 3, 2016

Members Present: Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Rich Brandt

Absent: Donald Leibig & Mervin Horst

Minutes: Jan. 6, 2016 minutes approved as written


  • Nestle – Arrowhead Springs Minor Subdivision – Revised plans per County Engineer comments reviewed – no further comments.
  • Zoning Ordinance:   Recommend the following:
  • R-2 district requirements: (Section 8.03
  • Delete line under SF dwelling for “no utilities”
  • Delete “water or” from next line down
  • Next line down OK
  • Next line change to “Single Family Semi Detached”
  • Delete next line
  • Next line =       Min area 5,000SF                        One side 8’ 
  • Total sides delete
  •  Min lot width 35’
  • Row House:     Min lot width = 20’
  • One side = 10’ at each end unit
  • Section 8:02 – Permitted uses:
  • B. Revise that to single family semidetached dwellings
  • Zoning Ordinance Article 1, definitions recommended revisions:
  1. Area, Lot: add “public road” between words excluding and right of way areas
  2. Dwelling, Unit: Second line …. Or rental/lease and physically ………(remove “on weekly, monthly or longer basis”)
  3. Dwelling, Two Family – remove in entirety
  4. ADD: (with the graphics)
  1. Dwelling, Single family semidetached:
  2. A building with one (1) dwelling unit from ground to roof and only one (1) part wall in common with another dwelling unit. Commonly described as a duplex, the “semidetached single family dwelling” is on an individual lot, is connected on one (1) side to a similar dwelling on an adjacent lot.
  3. Building Attached: A building which has two (2) or more walls or portions thereof in common with an adjacent building.
  4. Building, Detached: A building which has no parts or walls in common with an adjacent building.
  5. Building, Semidetached: A building which has one (1) wall in common with an adjacent building.
  • Article 5/Use Districts:         (Remove “residential” from title)
  • Class C-2: recommend “or Convenience Commercial District”
  • Article 10         (Remove “Residential” from title)Building Permits: 
  • Recommend “C-2 – Convenience Commercial District”
1-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#386, 8 Eagle View Dr. SFD $168,000
2-16 Steven & Lindsey Axarlis 11 Woods Ln. addition $10,000
3-16 Tami & Harry Albert 413 Eagles Peak Rd. roof over exis. Deck $5,000
4-16 Peter B. Shirk Lot#393, 9 Eagles View Dr. SFD $113, 500
5 -16 Dana & Melissa Ash 590 Stricklerstown Rd. demo attached garage
6-16 Dana & Melissa Ash 604 Stricklerstown Rd. demo SFD

Lebanon Co. Planning Dept. 2015 Annual Report reviewed and noted Millcreek Township had highest number of Agricultural Construction projects for year among 14 municipalities.

Adjournment: 7:45 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for March 2, 2016 @ 7 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Karen Krater