Minutes Jan. 4, 2016 – Recreation Board


January 4, 2016

Present at the meeting – Bob Wright, Maureen McGuire, Justin Arndt

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Director Bob Wright


November and December Minutes – approved by unanimous vote.

Correspondence – thank you certificate from Crime Watch for National Night Out.

Treasurer’s Report – 2015 books are audited; report on general fund, summer and soccer accounts.

New Field Schedule Coordinator – still need someone. Post on facebook page.

New Women’s Softball Coordinator – still need someone. Post on facebook page. Possible interest from ELCO teacher.

Light Judging – prize letters completed, will be sent with checks by January 8.


Reorganization – Bob Wright nominated and voted as director. Justin Arndt nominated and voted as treasurer. Maureen McGuire nominated and voted as secretary. Assistant director position unfilled for now.

New Board Member – Need a new member. Justin and Maureen will follow up with persons who have expressed some interest.

PPL account – Maureen will contact to turn off electric for the season.

New Snack Stand Coordinator – needed for 2016.

Summer Playground – program to be determined pending funding from Township.

2016 Calendar of Events – developed preliminary dates. Finalize next meeting. Contact Dawn Hickernell for distribution.

Bylaws – review and make changes and/or finalize.

Soccer – Justin taking over. Determine need for waiver form.

Field Signs – Need to order for “Noel Hertzog Memorial Field.”

Next meeting on February 1, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by B. Wright, seconded by M. McGuire at 7:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.