Minutes of Jan. 6, 2016 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Jan. 6, 2016

Members Present: Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Rich Brandt & Mervin Horst

Absent: Donald Leibig

Minutes: Dec. 2, 2015 approved as written


Chair – Karen Krater

Vice Chair – Craig Thompson

Secretary – Karen Krater

Member – Rich Brandt, Donald Leibig, Mervin Horst                  


  • Alvin & Miriam Stoltzfus Preliminary/Final Land Development – Final Plans and Lebanon Co. Planning Dept. approval recommendation letter received. Bruce Kohr/Matthew & Hockley presented the plan. Board recommends plan approval and plans signed.
  • Nestle – Arrowhead Springs Minor Subdivision – Plans revised per Bolt Engineering review comments. Appears comments addressed and three waivers requested.
  • Zoning: 1) Revisions to R-2 Zone dimensional requirements, dwelling unit types, and definitions discussed. Several examples of dwelling unit definitions reviewed and it was determined further review necessary prior to making recommendations to Board of Supervisors. A workshop meeting tentatively scheduled Jan. 20th for the Planning Commission to continue review of these items is requested.Building Permits:
75-15 Peter B. Shirk Lot# 387, 6 Eagleview Dr. SFD $109,150
76-15 Burnell & Darlene Martin 112 N. Kalbach Rd. barn & manure storage $100,000
77-15 David & Evelyn Horning 505 Ste. Rte. 419 barn addition $100,000
78-15 Rick Clay & Rhonda Singer 122 Rod & Gun Rd. three season room $26,000
79-15 Mark & Nancy Alexander 110 Edgemont Ln. enclose ex. Patio $4500.00


Adjournment: 7:45 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for Feb. 3, 2016 @ 7 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Karen Krater