Minutes of November 2, 2015 – Rec Board





November 2, 2015

Present at the meeting – Bob Wright, Maureen McGuire, Sherry Elliott

Guests – Libby Fiorini, Dan Hogeland

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Director Bob Wright


October Minutes – will be available for approval at next regular meeting.

Correspondence – none.

Treasurer’s Report – report on general fund, summer and soccer accounts

Fall Soccer – season completed, fields are down, Brock will help Bob putting goals away.

Snack Stand – clean and winterize, make sure everything is sealed for season. Donate leftovers.

Fall Frolic – send thank you letters. Will need more volunteers for next year.

New Soccer Coordinator – Justin will take over.

New Field Schedule Coordinator – still need someone. Post on facebook page in the New Year.

New Women’s Softball Coordinator – still need someone. Post on facebook page in the New Year.


December dinner – at Ozgood’s Wednesday December 2nd at 6pm.

Tree Lighting – decorations on already.

Light Judging – Wednesday December 9 from 6-8pm.

Work Details – soccer goals on November 3rd or 4th by Bob and Brock; snack stand cleanup on November 15th at 12 noon.

New Board Member – Sherry is retiring from the Rec Board. Need a new member. Maureen will contact Bob Rantz, who expressed interest at fall frolic.

Next meeting on December 2, 2015 at 6 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by S. Elliott, seconded by M. McGuire at 7:39 pm.



Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.