MINUTES OF DECEMBER 16, 2015 – Supervisors





The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman, Donald R. Leibig commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.


Donald R. Leibig, Chairman

Dan K. Hogeland, V. Chairman

Eric J. Weidman, Supervisor

John D. Enck, Solicitor

Lorie J. Kupp, Sec./Treas.


Alvin Stoltzfus, Richland Rd. was present regarding signatures and final approval for his Land Development Plan. He’d like to get started on building his new house before the weather turns colder. Jan. meeting dates were questioned so that Mr. Stoltzfus can proceed with his building and driveway permits.

Gary Shollenberger, Fire Chief was present representing the Fire Co. to discuss the Fire Co.’s desire to have the Board authorize, by resolution, the Fire Co.’s ability to bill for emergency services. The idea is to bill the Insurance Co., not the individual. Solicitor Enck said he had done an ordinance like this in the past for Bethel Twp. Solicitor will do some research and report back to the Board at the next meeting. Weidman also requested information on a separate Fire Tax.

Shollenberger also reported that the Fire Co. has received a PEMA grant and will also be applying for a FEMA grant to purchase new packs.


Planning & Zoning Commission – Karen Krater was present with report.

Millcreek – Richland Joint Authority financial statements & budget analysis were received.

Newmanstown Water Authority – minutes were received.

GLRA – Nov. and Dec. minutes were received.                                                                 

Fire Co. Activity report was received.

MINUTES: Motion by Hogeland to accept the minutes as printed. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.


Zoning ordinance/map proposed amendments were discussed in reference to the Dec. 2, 2015 Planning Commission minutes. Solicitor recommended the Planning Commission spend a little more time on the R2 zone permitted uses, and definitions for these various types of family dwellings that have more than one family in them. Solicitor also questioned lot and yard requirements for semi-detached. Updating Comprehensive Plan was also briefly discussed.

Unpaid mowing bills – municipal claims – Solicitor reported on the progress of the unpaid mowing bills from this year. 220 W. Main St. has been sold and the monies have been received. 41 Memorial Blvd & 240 E. Main St. are due for payment by Jan. 5th. If not received, Secretary to let Solicitor know so that the liens may be filed.

Newburg Village Phase 3 Section 8 – street dedication request was received. Solicitor stated that he will need to have the title searched, prepare a resolution accepting streets, and prepare a deed. He will also need to prepare and enter into a maintenance agreement that will be good for 18 months after acceptance of the streets.   Motion by Hogeland to authorize John Enck to start the process of dedication. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.


Secretary presented the proposed budget for 2016 to the Board for their final consideration. Motion by Leibig to adopt Resolution #12-16-15 pertaining to the 2016 budget. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.

Hydrant Tax Resolution #12-16-15 A was presented to the Board for consideration. Motion byHogeland to adopt Resolution #12-16-15 A pertaining to the Fire Hydrant Tax rate. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried. .06 mills for 2016

Resolution 12-16-15 B Street Light Tax rate was presented to the Board for their consideration. Rates $.73 developed & $.18 undeveloped for 2016. Motion by Leibig to adopt Resolution #12-16-15 B which pertains to our Street Light Tax.   Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.

Tax Levy Resolution was reviewed. Motion by Leibig to adopt Resolution #12-16-15C, setting our real estate tax rate at 1.33 mills. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.



Humane Society 2015 – 2016 Housing agreement was reviewed and discussed. The township has not entered in an agreement since 2012. They bill us as the police department takes in a dog. Board tabled this matter unless we are contacted again, but authorized Secretary to pay for the two dogs that were taken in this year. $90

CM High proposal for traffic light maintenance for 2016 was reviewed. ($415) Motion by Leibig to retain CM High for the traffic light maintenance for $415. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.

Christmas tree pick up – Jan 4th thru the 15th.

Petty CashMotion by Weidman that $600 be deposited into Petty Cash for the Christmas bonuses. Seconded by Hogeland. All aye, motion carried.


Motion by Leibig to accept the Treasurers report and pay the bills as money is available. Seconded by Hogeland.   All aye, motion carried.


Motion by Hogeland to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 P.M. Seconded by Weidman. All aye, motion carried.