Minutes of Aug. 5, 2015 – Planning Commission


Minutes of Aug. 5, 2015

Members Present: Donald Leibig, Karen Krater& Rich Brandt

Absent: Craig Thompson & Mervin Horst

Minutes: July 1, 2015 approved as written

Reports: Donald Leibig reported on Board of Supervisors meeting.


  • Martin Dairy Operation, 112 N. Kalbach Rd. – plans and submission by Red Barn reviewed.       No comments at this time.       Appears storm water addressed.
  • Bill Bennetch Poultry Operation – Lebanon County Planning Dept. approval letter and final plans brought by owners for approval. NPDES Permit authorization letter from Lebanon County Conservation District also received. Board recommends plan for approval, plans signed.
  • Final Minor subdivision – Nestle Water North America Inc. on east side of Stricklerstown Rd.       Ag Zone/2 Ac. Lot being created in order to relocate the mansion at Arrowhead Springs to this location. Board reviewed plans, wetland delineation report and waiver requests.


    • Stricklerstown Rd. spelled incorrectly
    • Note 5 indicates water “extraction” as a land use. However, extraction not allowed per Zoning Sec. 13.02 F. Recommend Board of Supervisors contact the Lebanon County Planning Dept. to verify existing method/use is compliant.
    • Note 8.B shall be deleted. No public water system in area and connection NOT required.
    • Note 9.B shall be deleted. No public sewer facilities in area and connection NOT required.
    • Waiver request letter from MBC Development, LP;*Request to defer Erosion Sediment Control plan approval prior to development of Lot 8. Again Board strongly recommends that the house/driveway location be shown now and E & S approval be obtained prior to subdivision approval.
    • *Article IV – Storm water Management. Board does not recommend this waiver. The basis of the request is that house & drive location unknown. No reason house & drive cannot be shown now; this is a small site and house footprint already known since moving existing dwelling. Board recommends that house/drive be shown now to determine if exemption applies. If not, storm water management design required prior to approval of subdivision.
    • Recommend remove notes 12 & 13 and comply with storm water E & S requirements prior to subdivision approval.
    • Board questioned whether a hydrogeologic study was required for this subdivision?
    • Board recommends that this subdivision not be approved until all usual and customary items required for subdivisions in Millcreek Township be provided. Such as, but not limited to: Sewage testing & permit, Erosion Sediment Control, Storm water Management (if not exempt) PNDI clearances, hydrogeologic study (if required),


  • Lebanon County Planning Dept. – zoning violation – multiple unlicensed unregistered vehicles, 130 E. Main St.
  • NPDES permit authorization – Bennetch Poultry Operation.


Building Permits:

43-15 Phillip & Patricia Meisner 87 S. Mountain Rd. barn addition $40,000
44-15 Donald Homan 21 Hillside Dr. shed $2880
45-15 Fraser & Rebecca Clements 18 Overlook Ln. shed $3,000
46-15 Peter B. Shirk Lot#314, 106 Village Dr. SFD $99,900
47-15 Andrew Good 118 Edgemont Ln. shed $1,605
48-15 Millbach Springs Mennonite Church 750 St. Rte. 419 bathroom add. $25,000
49-15 Lester & Darlene Copenhaver 15 Meadow Dr. roof over porch $6985.55
50-15 Elvin & Helen Hurst 291 S. Sheridan Rd. showroom $95,000
51-15 Lori Gunden 38 Treeline Dr. shed $4555

Adjournment: 7:45 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for Sept. 2, 2015@ 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater