Minutes of July 7, 2014 – Recreation Board


July 7, 2014 

Present at the meeting – Bob Wright, Maureen McGuire, Sherry Elliott, Heather Collins

      Guests – Erin Murphy-Yoder, Libby Fiorini, Laura Fiorini

Meeting called to order at 7:13 p.m. by Director Bob Wright.


June Minutes – read by director and approved by board via unanimous voice vote.  May minutes will be resent for review and approval.

Correspondence – invitation letter to join National Recreation and Park Association; unanimous vote no.  Letter from Crime Watch re: donations/support for National Night Out.  Maureen will follow up with Kerri to see what food they are planning.

Treasurer’s Report – reviewed general fund, summer playground and soccer accounts.  Paid secretary for out of pocket receipts.  Gave soccer registration checks to treasurer.

Rec Stand Management – have less candy now that baseball games are done.  Will continue Tuesday nights for women’s softball through August 27.  Refrigerator on end may need to be replaced.  ELCO Youth Baseball Tournamants grossed $515 and $889 respectively.  Laura willing to work fall Saturday baseball games if those occur.  Laura will have full report on operations and budget to turn over to whomever will cover rec food stand in the fall.

Summer Playground – running smoothly, kids love it, attendance has ranged 24-45 kids per day.  Consensus of those who went to Reading Phillies game was to ensure that seats are actually in the splash zone as they were not this year, move seats to pool or shaded area behind home plate, or skip it next year.

Soccer Registration – only 2 returning coaches, low registration to date.  Bob and Maureen will try to find additional coaches.  Without coaches soccer will not take place.  Suggestion for pick up adult soccer games.  Suggestion to use pinneys rather than shirts if only 2 teams in a division.

Tabled Items – bylaws, website, ball field fund raising and summer construction projects.


Wednesday Night Softball Games – runs July 9-August 27 at 6pm.  Info is on the Kountry Kraft flash sign.

All Night Family Campout – postponed until August, potentially Saturday 2nd ensure projector runs; Maureen will purchase additional wire needed to operate.  Ensure parents know they must stay with the kids.

Fall Frolic – try to raise additional funds for fireworks as this is 10th Anniversary through Program Ad Book.  Maureen will coordinate this effort.  Will need coordinator and staffing for Registration Table, Free Food, Game/Prize Area, Gift Basket Raffle Area, Chili Cook Off Contest.  Perhaps add vendor tables @ $20 per table.

National Night Out – Bob will coordinate use of kitchen/electric/water/field lights.  

Next meeting August 4, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Motion by M. McGuire, second by H. Collins to adjourn at 8:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.