Minutes of May 7, 2014 – Planning Commission

Minutes of May 7, 2014

Members Present: Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, Craig Thompson & Donald Leibig

Absent:   Rich Brandt

Minutes:  Minutes of April 2, 2014 approved as written.

Reports:  Karen Krater reported on Board of Supervisors meeting.

New Business: 

Newburg Village Subdivision Phase 3 – Section 9 Final – Board reviewed plan – only comments are: ongoing concern about the overall developments site unstabilized soil, erosion and storm water runoff.  Offsite flows often contain silt and have increased in volume over the years.  Recommend on-lot infiltration systems for these homes or other similar BMP to address storm water quantity, quality and downstream impacts.

Old Business:

Richland View – Plans were signed only to verify they were reviewed by the Board.  The Board does not recommend this project for approval despite Lebanon County Planning Departments adequacy letter attached because of storm water discharge into our community and lack of information. (Board had requested information in March and it has not been received to date).  However signatory verbage indicates “review” and not approval, therefore plans signed on that basis.  The Board recommends the Board of Supervisors sign plans on that same basis.  Revise the word “approve” to “review” prior to signatures by Board of Supervisors.

Building Permits:


Enos & Esther Fisher

105 Krumstown Rd.

shed $10,000





Peter B. Shirk

Lot# 513, 125 Edgemont Ln.

SFD $88,000


Michael & Vicki Belleman

SS S Ft. Zellers Rd., Lot#2

SFD $176,500


Robert & Susan Eppihimer

106 Edgemont Ln.

roof over patio $6,700


Hogeland Family Farm Real Estate

205 Stricklerstown Rd.



Jason Gahres

86 S. Mountain Rd.

hay storage barn $30,000


Rick Clay & Rhonda Singer

122 Rod & Gun Rd.

attach carport $5,600


Richard & Twilight Zimmerman

215 W. Park St.

shed $1,325


Robert & Dorothy Blatt

302 W. Park St.

det. Garage $22,650


Correspondence:  reviewed.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 4, 2014 at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Krater