Minutes of July 3, 2013

Minutes of July 3, 2013

Members Present: Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, Donald Leibig & Craig Thompson

Absent:  Rich Brandt

Minutes:  June 5, 2013 minutes accepted as written.                     

Reports:  Karen Krater reported on the Board of Supervisors meeting.



  • Minor Subdivision/Annexation      plan for lands of Plumpton Manor Development, Inc. (Jack Keener      mountain property) – Board reviewed and have the following comments:

1)      Is parcel 3B supposed to be 7a?  Plan confusing to follow.

2)      Question for Solicitor and Zoning officer….these are landlocked parcels now. The subdivision does not improve/provide street access for the new parcels.  Can a subdivision be approved for lots with no street frontage?

3)      Request a copy of the deeds for lots with no street frontage?

4)      More comments may be forthcoming upon receipt of requested information.

  • Matthew Nolt property,      Krumstown Rd. – Act 14 notification of NPDES permit application – The      Municipal Land Use letter was completed and request that it be mailed in      accordance with cover letter directions.       No assessment of zoning compliance could be made since no plans      attached.

Richland View –  Planning Module for 4A – Board      tabled until later date.  Preliminary      Plan Comments:

1) Utility plan – Lot 58 still indicates on-lot sewage, although all lots are to be public sewer.  Recommend either removing the on-lot sewage sites or adding note that they are not to be utilized.

2) Board concerned (still) about stormwater flows into Millcreek Township + impact on downslope properties.  What sort of permission or easements required to discharge onto adjacent properties?  Any guarantees regarding increased run off and damage it may cost?

Old Business: none

New Business:

  • Lebanon      County SALDO revisions:  The Board shall review and make comments      at August meeting.  County shall be      contacted with any comments and updated timeline.
  • Zoning      Map Update reviewed, areas to recheck were marked onto      plan.

Building Permits:


Keith   & Patricia Alexander

6 Cherry   Lane

roofed   deck $5700


Lucas   & Kelly Blakeslee

203   Richland Rd.

IG pool   $35,415


Peter B.   & Naomi Shirk

Lot#486,   110 Edgemont Lane

SFD   $108,100


Steven   & Tina Sweigart

207   Reistville Rd.

unroofed   patio $3,000


Dennis   & mary Reed

8 Overlook   Lane

roofed   patio $8,000


Lucas   & Kelly Blakeslee

203   Richland Rd.

roofed   patio $13,000

Correspondence reviewed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 7, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater