June 5, 2013 minutes

Minutes of June 5, 2013

Members Present: Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, and Rich Brandt

Absent:  Donald Leibig & Craig Thompson

Minutes:  May 1, 2013 minutes approved as written.

Reports:  Karen Krater reported on the Board of Supervisors meeting.



  • Mrs. Kim Eberly attended for      Matthew & Jamie Nye Subdivision plan, Ag Zone, west side of      Millbach Rd. – one lot subdivision.       Proposed lot does not comply with lot frontage (125’), only 50’      wide access to SR 419 indicated. Mrs. Eberly to approach neighbors for      more land.
  • Wingert project on Cocalico Rd. – Brad      Grauel, PLS and applicants were in to discuss progress on access through      the State Game lands.  The existing      access easement through the Shirk property from Yellow Mountain Rd. shall be      surrendered and improvements made in accordance with the Township Private      Street Ordinance to access from Cocalico Rd.  The Board recommends plan for approval      subject to review and approval from Lebanon Co. Planning Dept., Rick Bolt,      PE for the township and upon resolution of any wetland issues that may      arise.
  • Sites subdivision,      Stricklerstown Rd., Ag Zone – subdivision of one lot via private right of      way.  Board comments: 1. Access  drive subject to Private Street Ordinance  2. Any setback on elevation requirements because of floodplain?
  • Irwin Ulrich Subdivision – E-1 zone on      S. Mountain Rd. – Lebanon County Planning Dept. approval letter and plans      – Board recommends approval – plans signed.  Planning Module – non-building waiver      recommend approval – form signed.

Old Business: none

Building Permits:


George & Stacey   Buck

28 E. Bethany Rd.

detached garage   $23,750


Darryl & Angela   Bentz

248 Memorial Blvd.

AG pool $11,000


John & Margaret   Kreps

17 Treeline Dr.

vinyl door entrance   to patio


Jason & Linette   Musser

50 Stricklerstown   Rd.

addition/laundry,   powder room $35,000


Shirley Chamberlain

57 Edgemont Ln.

unroofed deck $3950


Svetlana &   Nikolaus Solomin

204 Sweetwater Ln.

shed $1500

Township Occupancy Permits:  were reviewed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 3, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater