Minutes of May 1, 2013


Minutes of May 1, 2013

Members Present: Karen Krater, Craig Thompson, Mervin Horst, and Rich Brandt

Absent:  Donald Leibig

Minutes:  April 3, 2013 minutes approved as written.                 

Reports:  none

New Business: 

*Lot consolidation plan for Nathan M. & Amy L. Eisenhower on Cocalico Rd. (E-1) former Lamar Sensenig subdivision – this plan combines Lots 2 & 3 of Sensenig subdivision into one lot.  Lebanon County Planning approval letter attached.  Board reviewed, recommend approval, and plans signed

*Matthew & Jamie Nye – Final Minor Subdivision plan NPDES permit request for comments received from CL Frantz & Assoc. Inc.  It is the Board’s opinion that this project does not comply with our zoning ordinance for lot frontage.  It is also unclear whether this lot exists or is being created.  There is not enough information available to determine all possible zoning issues.  Board requests/recommends that the Board of Supervisors respond in writing, the zoning issues & concerns listed above, to PADEP by May 10, 2013 in accordance with NPDES permit requirements. Send Cc’s to LCCD, LCPD, & applicant.

*Irwin Ulrich Subdivision – E-1 zone on S. Mountain Rd. – subdivide a 2.29 Ac. Lot from existing 13.06 Ac. Tract.  The proposed lot would contain the existing dwelling, garage, & sewage system.  Mr. Irwin was present.  Board has no comments at this time.  Plan subject to Lebanon County Planning Dept. review & approva

Old Business:

Building Permits:


Lillie Wendler

331 W. Main St.

addition $11,850


David Smaltz

4 Hazel St.

shed $5,000


Carl & Darlene Eberly

ES Cocalico Rd.

addition $30,000


Peter B Shirk

Lot# 539  225 Sweetwater Ln

SFD $109150.00



The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Krater