Minutes of Nov. 7, 2021 – Recreation Board

Newmanstown Recreation Board

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Monthly Minutes


Recreation Board Members present at the meeting- Justin Arndt, Katie Sheetz, and Beth Garrison

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Justin Arndt




Correspondence- NA

October Minutes– Motion to accept minutes by Justin Arndt and seconded by Katie Sheetz.

Treasurer’s Report–  Funds, $659, will need to be transferred from summer playground to general fund; due to snack stand coordinator depositing in incorrect fund.   Funds were reported from the end of September. New statements are released on the 6th.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Katie Sheetz and seconded by Beth Garrison.

Basketball Courts– Stencils for the courts are in the township building. Will schedule for the Spring.  Looking into possibility of township assistance for stenciling.

Fall Frolic- Postponed until 2022. Discussion about possibly combining the event with the Rod and Gun’s Lottwarick festival.  Would be held at the Rod and Gun.  Board could bring games up to the venue.  Will discuss and vote when all members are present.

Newberg Playground- Discussed with Dan about the prospect of walking path around the Newberg Village Playground.  Considering possible parking lot expansion at that playground. Determining how to extend the parking lot so it will not interfere with the water company’s land. No new updates until spring.



Fall Soccer– Season ended November 5th.  All goals are put away except the two heaviest.  We will reach out to the ELCO Rotary Lion’s Club to see if they would be able to donate new benches. We would prefer 8 foot aluminum benches, but any donated would be apprecieated.

Fields were sprayed by Josh Garrison and Justin Arndt with $60 worth of chemicals to control the bugs.   This was not enough, so the soccer program took a week off, until the bugs subsided. Township brought in a company to spray the grass and arborvitaes  Due to this delay of play; the season is extended until November 5th.

Christmas Tree Lighting– Friday, November 26th, Rec Board will decorate the tree at 3:00.  On December 3rd,  the tree lighting event will be held at 5:00 with a Hot Chocolate Bar.  Reach out to ELCO middle school band to see if they would like to play at the event.

Gaga Pit Flooring– William Leedom reached out regarding extra money he would like to put into the pit.  We will reach out to see if he is available for the January meeting.

Could any of the following items be looked at by the Township?

  • The concrete support/base for the four-wheeler teeter totter has been spray painted orange, so that children do not get injured on it. Possibly this could be removed or replaced, so that a child does not get injured. This is a possible liability for the township should a child be injured.
  • The soffit on the north side needs to be replaced.


Next Meeting will be held Sunday, January 2nd   at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt, seconded by Beth Garrison 7:45p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Beth Garrison, Secretary.