Minutes of July 14, 2021- Supervisors


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M. by Chairman Dan K. Hogeland, commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.

Present:          Dan K. Hogeland, Chairman, Eric J. Weidman, V. Chairman, Scott D. Moyer, Supervisor, John Enck, Solicitor, Lorie J. Kupp,                             Sec./Treas.


Mr. & Mrs. Beck, 933 Texter Mountain Rd. were present regarding 5G.  They wondered if any corporations have contacted the township about purchasing poles or placements.  Secretary answered no.  Elvin Hurst was also present regarding his renter’s child who has sensitivity to radiation, smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.  Many people can suffer with this same type of debilitating illness.  Solicitor reported on Act 50-2021 which was signed into law June 30, 2021.  The bill allows townships to apply normal zoning; allowed to be paid for use of rights-of-way.  FCC regulations still have control of 5G.  Mrs. Beck questioned if safe distance from residences or schools for the placement of the facilities is included in the bill? Solicitor recommended contacting their state and federal representatives.

Opening of Bids: 7:17 PM

Blacktop Bid Results – W. Texter Mission Rd.

  1. Texter Mission Rd. (T311) Furnish in place approx. 925 Ton of 19 mm Binder course 0 – 0.3 million ESAL’S, PG 64-22, SRL ANY 2.5” depth

Pennsy Supply      UNIT PRICE  – $78.38       TOTAL PRICE – $72,501.50

H & K Group, Inc.    UNIT PRICE – $69.60         TOTAL PRICE – $64,380.00

Double Bituminous Bid Results Stricklerstown & Cocalico Rds.

Martin Paving Inc.

Furnish in place approx. 150 Ton 9.5 mm leveling course, PG 64S – 22, 0 – 0.3 ESALS                          UNIT PRICE – $111.00        TOTAL PRICE – $16,650.00

Furnish and place approx. 26,254 SY a double bituminous seal coat in accordance to Pub. 447. using RS-2PM or CRS-2PM, first layer using #8 Aggregate meeting 1.0% wash second lift using 1/4-inch aggregate.     UNIT PRICE – $3.26   TOTAL PRICE – $$85,588.04

TOTAL PROJECT COST – $102,238.04

Motion by Moyer to award the blacktop bid for bituminous material for W. Texter Mission Rd. to H & K Group unit price $69.60 for a total of $64,380.00, and also the double bituminous bid on Stricklerstown & Cocalico Rds. to go with Martin Paving for a 9.5 mm leveling course price of $111 per ton total price $16,650 and then the double bituminous seal coat at a unit price of $3.26 total price of $85,588.04 for a total of $102,238.04. Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Scott Sweigart, 95 Round Barn Rd. was present and commented that he doesn’t feel like oil and chipping Stricklerstown Rd. is sufficient because of the truck traffic and storm water problems.  Suggested enacting a Traffic Impact Fee for infrastructure.  He also questioned starting a newsletter again.


Millcreek Township Planning Commission – Karen Krater present with report. Recommended Glen Eberly to be appointed to fill Rich Brandt’s term.  The requested waiver of planning review for ELCO additions was recommended.

Newmanstown Water Authority minutes & audit report were received.

Recreation Board minutes were received.

Western Berks Ambulance Assoc. report was received.

GLRA reports were received.

Lebanon Co. TCC report & audit was received.

Lech – Annual Maintenance Report was received.

Police Activity report was received.

MINUTES: Motion by Weidman to approve the minutes as printed.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.


Lech – Annual Maintenance Report – Solicitor recommended escrow re-evaluation should be considered since construction costs have increased.

Employee Handbook – was reviewed and Resolution #071421 was presented to the Board for their consideration. Motion by Weidman to adopt Resolution #071421 adopting an Employee Handbook for Millcreek Township.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.  Effective August 1, 2021.

Body worn cameras policy was discussed.   Motion by Weidman to adopt the Body Worn Cameras policy & procedures as part of the Millcreek Township Police Dept. Policies and Procedures Operation Manual.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried. Chief commented that he spoke to the DA and would take each right to know request on a case-by- case basis. A formal agreement is not necessary.

Act 65 of 2021 amends the Sunshine Act – Solicitor reviewed the act with the Board and how it requires posting the agenda 24 hours in advance on the township website and door, as well as at the meeting. It also limits official action that may be taken at meetings for items not on the agenda, and the exceptions to the rule.

Comprehensive Plan – Solicitor waiting for information from DCED regarding any possible grants.

Zoning Hearing Board petitions discussed.  Scott Sweigart was present to discuss the recent zoning hearing for the Pietrobono and procedural issues he feels should be addressed.  As a member of the Zoning Hearing Board, he stated he would like to hear how the Planning Commission and Board feel about the petition.  The lack of information provided to the Planning Commission and Board with the petition doesn’t allow for an informed opinion.  Solicitor suggested upon receiving the petition Secretary contact Lebanon County Planning Dept. and request ALL documents that were provided with the petition. Sweigart also had complaints about conditions the Zoning Hearing Board puts in place not being complied with and not inspected by the Planning Dept.


ARP funding – PLGIT Bank documents were reviewed. Motion by Hogeland to open an account with PLGIT to handle the ARP funding.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.


Fort Zellers Road stormwater – Moyer reported we received one quote so far from AH Moyer for $57,000 but should be receiving 2 more.

Planning Commission – member vacancy (term expires 2024) -Glen Eberly recommended and agreed to serve. Motion by Hogeland to appoint Glen Eberly to fill the unexpired term on the Planning Commission.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.

Stop sign request (Sweetwater & Village Dr.) Jim Mohn e-mail and documentation discussed.

Tabled until the next meeting so the Board can review the information.

Quote from Verizon Wireless to provide wireless internet to garage was reviewed and tabled.

Request for Waiver of Planning review – ELCO School DistrictMotion by Hogeland to have Secretary send a letter waiving our right to review.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.


Lebanon County Redevelopment Auth Block Grant program was discussed.

Snow & Ice Contract – Exhibit A renewal (approx. 3.2% increase) was reviewed and signed. $18,584.14

Millcreek-Richland Joint Authority – resignation from Jason Angstadt was received. Motion by Weidman to accept Jason Angstadt resignation from the Millcreek Richland Joint Authority. Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.  Secretary to send a thank you letter for his service.

Ash Rd. – Elvin Hurst sewer line – Work done by Double D to restore the road was discussed.  Elvin Hurst was questioning what to do since Double D’s work was not acceptable.  Moyer stated he would check it out.

BILLS/TREASURERS REPORT:   Motion by Hogeland to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills as money is available.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Weidman to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 P.M.  Seconded by Moyer.   All aye, motion carried.