Minutes of July 7, 2021 – Planning Commission

Minutes of July 7, 2021

Members Present: Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Mervin Horst

Absent:  Donald Leibig

Minutes:  June 2, 2021 minutes accepted as written.  Motion to accept Mervin Horst, seconded by Craig Thompson.

Reports:  Karen Krater reported on Pietrobono variance Zoning Hearing Board meeting – variances approved.


  • ELCO School District Land Development Plan request Millcreek Township waive their plan review since none of the proposed improvements are located within Millcreek Township. A sketch plan of the site development plan submitted confirmed no improvements within Township.  Motion to waive plan review by Craig Thompson.  Seconded by Karen Krater.  All in favor.  No opposed.
  • Planning & Zoning Commission Board vacancy Board recommends Leon Ziegler or Glenn Eberly for consideration.
  • Reschedule Aug. 4, 2021 commission meeting to Aug. 10, 2021 @ 7 PM due to member schedule conflict.

Correspondence:  Road Occupancy permits

Building Permits:

45-21 Ruby Santa & Rosenda Maldonado 9 Evergreen Way fence $7500
46-21 Eugene & Callie Salem 219 Edgemont Ln roof over patio $6,000
47-21 Ryan & Nicole Hauck 125 Edgemont Ln roof over patio $6,000
48-21 Harvey & Kristine Krill 116 Treeline Dr AG pool $9,700
49-21 Peter B Shirk Lot#296, 7 Sweetwater Ln SFD $209,500
50-21 Rodd & Annemarie Pietrobono 264 W Texter Mission Rd Daycare -0-


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.    Next meeting to be rescheduled Aug. 10, 2021 @ 7 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater