Minutes of July 5, 2021 – Rec Board

Newmanstown Recreation Board

Monday, July 5, 2021

Monthly Minutes


Recreation Board Members present at the meeting- Justin Arndt, Josh Garrison and Beth Garrison

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Justin Arndt


No public comments presented.


Correspondence- NA

July Minutes– Motion to accept minutes by Justin Arndt and seconded by Josh Garrison.

Treasurer’s Report– General fund, summer playground, and soccer accounts were reported. Funds, $659, will need to be transferred from summer playground to general fund; due to snack stand coordinator depositing in incorrect fund.

Change address on mailing of statements from 128 E. Main St. to 25 Edgemont Lane. Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Justin Arndt and seconded by Beth Garrison.

Summer Playground– 40 children are signed up for the program.

Basketball Courts– Stencils for the courts are in the township building. Waiting until August/September to stencil the courts.

Fall Frolic- Postponed until 2022.

Newberg Playground- Discussion of the possibility of expanding the parking lot.

Work Detail– Playground stand was cleaned out and organized to materials could be better utilized.  The front “window” doors that drop down were made flush, so that they could be opened and closed more safely.


Summer Playground- Bathrooms cleaned and will be open for use during playground hours.  Adult supervision will be used to accompany children to the bathroom facilities.

Fall Soccer Snack Stand- Avery Garrison will volunteer to work the snack stand and be supervised by Beth Garrison.

Fall Soccer– Currently 70 children between the ages of 3-10 are signed up for the program.   We are in need of coaches.  A coach meeting will happen the 3rd week of July.


  • Vandalism was noted on the playground pavilion stand (drawing on the outside surface) and the soccer goals behind the stand have been bent.
  • A cone and a bucket have been placed on top of the concrete support in the playground (where the four-wheeler teeter totter was located) the cone was stolen and the bucket has been smashed. Possibly a cone could be bolted to the place, so that a child does not get injured.
  • Complaints have been made about grass taking over the much area on the playground.
  • The soffit on the west side of the snack stand (above the garage door) need to be replaced.
  • Lightbulbs need replaced: both lights in the pavilion of the summer playground and one light in the women’s restroom.
  • Rec Board has discussed changing the locks on the summer playground and snack stand due to the large number of individuals that have keys from years past. A sign in and sign out will be made for the keys, so there is better tracking/organization.

Next Meeting will be held Monday, August 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt, seconded by Beth Garrison 7:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Beth Garrison, Secretary.