Minutes of June 2, 2021 – Planning Commission

Minutes of June 2, 2021

Members Present: Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Mervin Horst

Absent:  Donald Leibig

Minutes:  May 5, 2021 minutes accepted as written.  Motion to accept CT, seconded by MH.

Reports:  Board offers condolences to family of member Rich Brandt.  We appreciate his many years of dedication and service to our community.


  • ELCO School District Land Development Plan Waiver of plan review request prepared by Stackhouse Bensinger Inc. According to letter received all development to occur within Jackson Township.  No sketch plan submitted; only existing conditions.  Decision of waiver tabled until such time a sketch plan is submitted.  Motion CT, Second MH.
  • Pietrobono variance application 264 W. Texter Mission Rd., E-1 zone. Create one new building lot & 1 annexation parcel.

Building Lot / Section 13.04.A.1 – 2 Ac. min. lot size required;

                     /                                      1.6994 Ac. proposed

                     \  Section 13.04.B.  – 200 Ft. min. lot width required;

                       \                                  157.76 Ft. proposed

Reasons stated for layout allows for preservation of cohesive block of open space.  Board suggests moving proposed lot line east as much as possible to maximize available lot width. Board not opposed to the granting of these variances provided the remaining lands & woodlands are placed within a permanent conservation easement.  Such easement shall be delineated on subdivision plan and recorded. Likewise revised Pietrobono deed shall include permanent conservation easement description & also be recorded.  Proof of recording shall be submitted prior to building permit issuance for newly created lot.

Annexation Parcel: An 8 Ac. parcel is to be annexed to adjacent Zimmerman tract. This shall become a contiguous land for clean and green status combined into one deed and recorded. The annexation parcel is not to be considered a separate building lot.  The sketch supplied difficult to determine if that is intent.  Proof of the recorded combined deed and accepted into clean and green program shall be submitted prior to building permit issuance for new dwelling lot created east of Pietrobono existing dwelling.

Correspondence:  Road Occupancy permits

Building Permits:

40-21 Ceaser Galindo 18 Central Dr roof over patio $20,000
41-21 Sandra Knowlton 229 W Main St AG pool & deck $8,000
42-21 Thomas & Shirley Nemeth 13 Hillside Dr roof over patio $6,000
43-21 Kaitlynn & Brenda Strickler 218 Edgemont Ln fence $3600
44-21 Viola Herr 31 Edgemont Ln shed $3000


Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.    Next meeting is scheduled July 7, 2021 @ 7 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater