Minutes of Jan. 14, 2013



January 14, 2013


Present at the meeting — B. Wright, M. McGuire, S. Elliott and M. Kline

      Guest –Libby Fiorini


Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Director Bob Wright.


Correspondence – Letter from Millcreek Township confirming Maureen’s appointment to the Rec Board.  Previous secretary provided Maureen with files.

Treasurer’s Report – Sherry is determining final expenses from Fall Frolic and Food Stand. Previous treasurer provided Sherry with due bills and check books.  Bob will call PPL to turn off electricity for tree at White Swan Park. 

Fall Frolic – Sherry and Maureen will review files and receipts to confirm any need for follow up thank you letters or bill payments.

New Year’s Eve – no location was available for 2012.

Christmas Lights – Judging for residents took place in December.  Notice was listed on the Rec Board’s facebook page.  Congratulations letters and award checks to be mailed to recipients within next week.  One winner’s name needs to be confirmed.  Replacement lights were purchased for tree at White Swan Park.

Fundraising for Newburg Ball fields – discussed possibility of setting up a separate charitable non-profit to assist with gaining corporate donations.

Rental Agreement – Bob will request agreement to be removed from Millcreek Township website and no longer distributed by mail at next Township Meeting on Jan 23, 2013.

Rec Board Bylaws – discussion tabled until next Rec Board meeting.

Youth Soccer – Discussed possibility of starting a U10 league for Saturday mornings in the fall.  Need to determine player and coach interest and feasibility.


Incoming Board Members/Vacancies – Maureen appointed by Township to take vacancy by Donna Shott.  Bob has not yet received confirmation letter for Matt Lehman to fill vacancy by Michelle Angstadt.  Bob to nominate Ron Lutz to fill vacancy by Shawn Sweigart. 

2013 Schedule of Rec Board Events – Flyer provided to Dawn Hickernell for annual mailing to area residents and posted in JBT and Len’s Market.  Additional flyers as events draw closer.  Possibility of adding NYC bus trip.

Rec Food Stand – Will need workers for coming year.  Will no longer be open for ELCO tee ball games due to short time frame and low purchases.  Concession agreement is completed and will be reviewed at next Rec Board meeting. May add bulletin boards in coming year.

Summer Playground – Michelle plans to continue as leader.  Will confirm Zack’s return.  May need a 3rd adult pending enrollment.  Need to confirm location of box key. 

                   Next meeting will be February 4, 2013 at 7pm at Township meeting room.

      Motion by S. Elliott, second M. Kline to adjourn.

      Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.