Minutes of Feb. 4, 2013


February 4, 2013


Present at the meeting — B. Wright, M. McGuire, S. Elliott, H. Collins, R. Lutz

      Guests –Libby Fiorini, Dan Hogeland


Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Director Bob Wright.




Minutes from January – read by secretary and approved by board via unanimous voice vote


Correspondence – Thank you letter from lights winner Karen Spatz; post office returned award letter for Melissa Brown, Maureen will call to determine if she is at that address; grant application from PA Bureau of Rec and Conservation, deadline end of April, may have to hold off until next year.


Treasurer’s Report – Previous bills paid; fall frolic expenses finalized; one submitted receipt from Maureen for stamps; Maureen provided Sherry with names of 3rd best house lights display contest.


Fundraising for Newburg Ball fields – began process to incorporate a separate charitable non-profit, “Newmanstown Community Group,” to assist with fundraising and gaining corporate donations/sponsorships.  Maureen will review grant opportunities still available via online links.  Ron will submit non-profit request to bank when incorporation is complete.


Rec Board Bylaws – Libby will email current draft to board members for comments for next meeting.


Incoming Board Members/Vacancies – all positions filled; Maureen will mail next meeting notice to Matt Lehman.


U10 Youth Soccer – Maureen will email parents of last year’s players and coaches to determine interest.


Field Rental Agreement – Bob will present at next Township Meeting; upon approval Rec Board plans to purchase/make bulletin boards for Concession Stand and perhaps Playground Pavilion to display dates and designated fields booked and confirmed for use by ELCO Youth Baseball, Girls Softball, Conrad Weiser and any other groups.


Summer Playground – Michelle and Zack plan to continue as leaders.  May need a 3rd adult pending enrollment.  Need to confirm location of box key. 


Rec Food Stand – Will need workers for coming year.  Concession rental agreement was removed by township at last Supervisors meeting.  Would like parent volunteers for concessions during fall soccer; put request on soccer signup forms.




Publicity –Maureen will email Bob with wording for facebook and email to include on Len’s display board.  Use Kountry Kraft sign as events draw near.  Create triangle wood signs and/or display banners for events pending costs.  Maureen to keep facebook page updated.  Ron suggested using Twitter. 


Potential Bus Trip – Since Crime Watch is doing a NYC bus trip in May, Rec Board will investigate potential September trip to Phillies game or Lancaster Dinner Theatre.



Next meeting will be March 4, 2013 at 7pm at Township meeting room.

Motion by S. Elliott, second H. Collins to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen McGuire, Secretary.