Minutes of Sept. 9, 2020 – Supervisors


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman Dan K. Hogeland, commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.

Present:           Dan K. Hogeland, Chairman, Eric J. Weidman, V. Chairman, Scott Moyer, Supervisor

John D. Enck, Solicitor, Lorie J. Kupp, Sec./Treas.


Tina Hedgepeth, 17 Newburg Dr. -was present regarding her previous request to allow chickens in residential areas in the Township.  She stated she has a list of 20 people in favor of allowing it.  There was further discussion of what other municipalities allow and the zoning ordinance.  Chairman stated it will be brought up later under Old Business.


Planning Commission – minutes were received.

Recreation Board – minutes received.

 Fire Co. activity report received.

Newmanstown Water Authority – minutes were received.

Police Activity report was received.

MINUTES:  Aug. 12, 2020 & Sept. 3, 2020- Motion by Weidman to accept Aug. 12, 2020 & Sept. 3, 2020 minutes as written.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.


Retaining tanks – draft ordinance discussed.  Motion by Hogeland to authorize Solicitor to advertise for proposed adoption at the next meeting.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Zoning enforcement matters – 4 S. Millbach Rd., 256 E. Main St., & 53 E. Main St. and the employee matter concerning Donald Leibig was recommended to be discussed in Executive Session by Solicitor.

Hurst sewer extension – Solicitor questioned if the road was inspected since the last meeting.  Moyer reported it has not been paved and remains stone.  Secretary instructed to call Double D.

Road inspection survey – Solicitor reported he researched Road Inspections per the Board’s request. At one time is was required twice a year in April and October of each year. In 1995 the Second-Class Township code was revised and that section was deleted. Section 2302 (2) Duties of Roadmaster – states Inspect all roads and bridges as directed by the board of supervisors.


Motion by Hogeland to go into Executive Session at 7:22 P.M. to discuss employment matters concerning Donald Leibig and litigation on 4 S. Millbach Rd., 256 E. Main St., & 53 E. Main St.  regarding zoning enforcement.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Meeting resumed at 8:05 P.M.  Hogeland reported that employment and zoning issues were discussed.

Motion by Weidman that we allow Solicitor and Attorney Santucci to prepare a letter to help the township seek additional medical documentation outlining the nature of Mr. Leibig’ s conditions, the impairments caused by those conditions, and specific information regarding whether Mr. Leibig can perform the essential functions of his position with or without accommodations. Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Weidman to direct the Solicitor to get with Rick Bolt concerning the property at 256 E. Main St., the fence issue, in obtaining a cost to determine the two clear site triangles. Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.

Dog barking complaint from Mr. Rissler concerning the kennel and the zoning petition for Special Exception for the Ziegler property at 811A Weavertown Rd.  was discussed. Chief Hostetter discussed the Township’s current Dog Barking Ordinance #031109, and how it may or may not pertain to kennels.  When looking into it he found that there are several State licensed kennels in the township.  Ziegler’s have already obtained a state license. Solicitor would need to look into State Licensing requirements to determine whether the dog barking ordinance is pre-empted to any extent and report to the Board.


Junkyard license renewal was reviewed.  Motion by Hogeland to grant the junkyard license renewal to Vince Lombardo for $200.00.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried. 


Line Painting quotes reviewed and discussed.  A-1 Traffic Control Products $14,224.26; DE Gemmill $13,148.41; Berks Traffic Inc. $11,853.65.  Motion by Moyer to accept the proposal from Berks Traffic, Inc. to do the line painting as quoted ($11,853.65).  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

2020/2021 Salt bid results $65.46 American Rock Salt were reviewed.

Request to allow chickens in the townshipMotion by Hogeland to allow the chickens.  Motion died for lack of second.   Weidman and Moyer both voted nay. 


Penn Dot Paving project in 2021 – Main St. – Municipal response form discussed.  Secretary to be contact person and submit form.

Trick or Treat – Thursday Oct. 29th rain date Nov. 2nd set per the County Police Associations recommendation was discussed.  Motion by Hogeland to set Trick or Treat for Thursday Oct. 29th with a rain date of Nov. 2nd.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Lebanon Co. Ag Preservation Board 2021 request for funding reviewed.  No action taken.

Free Spotted Lantern fly traps offered from Lebanon County Conservation District discussed.  Secretary will respond to e-mail that the township would be interested.

PSATS UC Group Trust & Pa Twps. Health Insurance Co-op ballots were discussed.  Secretary to complete and return.

Fire Police request for assistance – Amish funeral reviewed.  Motion by Hogeland to have Fire Company and personnel that can be there help out with traffic.  Seconded by Moyer.  All aye, motion carried.

Upcoming Fire Company meeting – Oct. 7, 2020 7PM.  Motion by Hogeland to have Secretary advertise a joint meeting with the Newmanstown Volunteer Fire Co. on Oct. 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM. at the Fire Company, Sheridan Rd. to hear their concerns.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Property violations were discussed.  Secretary to send letter to 3 Newburg Dr. – 24/7-yard sale, grass violations, and an RV parked on the street on Newburg Dr.  Chief will try to ascertain which address it belongs to so Lebanon County Planning Dept. can be notified.

Roadmaster report given by Moyer.  August consisted of pot hole patching, tree trimming, repair pipe entrances, mowing/weed whacking, weeds on the ballfield infields, and equipment maintenance.  Possible employment options were discussed.

BILL’S/TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion by Hogeland to accept the Treasurers Report and pay the bills as money is available.  Seconded by Weidman All aye, motion carried.

ADJOURNMENTMotion by Weidman to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 P.M.  Seconded by Moyer.   All aye, motion carried.