Minutes of March 4, 2020

Minutes of March 4, 2020

Members Present: Karen Krater, Donald Leibig, Rich Brandt & Craig Thompson

Absent:  Mervin Horst

Minutes:  Feb. 5, 2020 minutes approved as written.  Motion R. Brandt, second by D. Leibig.


  • Zimmco Enterprises: Lot addition plan: Ag zoning, 50 Dierwechter Rd. & 214 S. Millbach Rd.  A lot addition of 26.763 Ac from Daniel & Edna Peachey to be added to lands owned by Nevin (deceased) and Mary Zimmerman.  Plan also proposes elimination of a previously created lot (Lot #1 PB: 73, p. 14) Peachey property total after conveyance will be 58.775 Ac, and Zimmerman property total will be 108.35 Ac. No improvements proposed. A request for PA DEP Sewage Planning Waiver & Non-Building Declaration was conditionally recommended for approval, but will not be signed until County Sewage officer and Township Solicitor contacted for additional information regarding why the sewage easement remains on plan after Lot#1 is eliminated and if any inferred rights or implications are created by allowing it to remain.

Correspondence:  reviewed.  County Zoning Officer updates on violations and notices.

Building Permits: 

3-20 Peter B Shirk Lot#308, 20 Evergeen Way SFD det garage $152,000
4-20 Zimmco Enterprises 660 Stricklerstown Rd home occupation
5-20 Leonid & Lyobov Chekanov 13 Edgemont Ln shed $7,000
6/20 Peter B Shirk Lot#326, 15 Evergeen Way SFD det garage $125,000
7-20 Franic & Marjorie Purdy 13 Cottage Ln living room addition $45,000
1-20 Harry & Tami Albert 190 W. Texter Mission Rd. shed $18,000
2-20 Richard & Chastin Zook 20 Round Barn Rd SFD det garage $90,000


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.    Next meeting is April 1, 2020 @ 7 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater