Minutes of Dec. 9, 2019 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Dec. 9, 2019

Members Present: Karen Krater, Donald Leibig, Craig Thompson, Rich Brandt & Mervin Horst

Minutes:  Oct. 2, 2019 approved as written; motion made by CT, second by MH

Reports:  Karen Krater & Rich Brandt  reported on Good Zoning Hearing Board hearing.


  • William Leedum, high school senior, was in attendance with his father, Corey Leedum to discuss William’s Eagle Project. A gaga ball pit is being installed by William at White Swan Park. He has been working with the Rec Board on the project and was inquiring about preferred color before he ordered it.  He was given Rec Director contact information for further direction.
  • David Dennis/Nestle Waters, NA was in attendance regarding Forestry Management plan A Forestry Management plan prepared by certified forester, Dana T. Dowling/Dowling Forestry, LLC., Lebanon County Conservation District approval received as well as USDA Forest Service Forest Stewardship certificate.  Board informed Mr. Dennis that in accordance with E-1 zoning Section 13.02.I.6 – a $1,000 fee must be paid to township for professional review of forestry management plan to advise the zoning officer on compliance with Section 13.02. I. 1-7. Once fee is received the Township has 60 days in which to have professional review completed.  Board recommends to Board of Supervisors that independent review by a forestry professional in accordance with the ordinance be performed.  Mr. Dennis advised to submit $1,000 fee to complete the submission per the ordinance which will start the 60-day review period.
  • Meeting Dates for 2020 reviewed. First Wed. of every month @ 7 PM except Jan. meeting rescheduled for Jan 8th @ 7 PM. 

Old Business:

  1. Discussion regarding enforcement of zoning ordinances, variance conditions, etc.
  2. Discussion regarding stormwater ordinance possible improvements.

Correspondence:   reviewed.

 Building Permits: 

69-19 Peter B Shirk Lot#310, 24 Evergreen Way SFD $174,000
70-19 Elaine Batdorf 19 Eagle View Dr. covered patio $5,000
71-19 Timothy & Josephine Griffith 21 Eagle View Dr. covered patio $5,000
72-19 Alyssa Shepler 215 Edgemont Ln uncovered patio $8,000
73-19 Urie & Darcie Lantz 55 E Main St fence $500
74-19 Kerry & Sherry Detemple Trust 25 Village Dr basement door & steps $5,000
75-19 Matthew & Kristi Deitrich 217 W Park St solar panels $41,000
76-19 Peter B Shirk Lot#328, 23 Evergreen Way SFD $129,000
77-19 Jason & Brian Schies 306 Rod & Gun Rd demo sfd $0
78-19 Michael & Lydia Eberly 85 N Sheridan Rd home occupation $1,000
79-19 Robert & Katherine Bowers 222 Edgemont Ln shed $4,000
80-19 Nestles Waters North America 110 W Bethany Rd demo shed/coop
81-19 Lorraine & Neal Eshelman 114 Sonnens Rd demo barn
82-19 Bonita Hopkins 143 Sweetwater Ln addition $12000
83-19 Richard & Patricia Baker 108 Edgemont Ln patio enclosure $8,000
84-19 Ben the Builder 138 Cocalico SFD $180,000


Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.    Next meeting is Jan. 8, 2020 at 7 pm.  **corrected**

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater