Minutes of Sept. 4, 2019 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Sept. 4, 2019

Members Present: Karen Krater, Donald Leibig, Craig Thompson, Rich Brandt

Absent:  Mervin Horst

Minutes:  Aug. 7, 2019 approved as written; motion made by RB, second by KK.

Reports:  none


  • Eagles Peak Campground Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan – Lebanon County Planning letter attached indicating plans merit approval, therefore Board recommends approval and plans signed.
  • 5G information – Additional information supplied by Linda Beck reviewed. Maidencreek Twp, Berks County resolution & also their recently adopted 5G zoning ordinance to be reviewed by Township Solicitor.
  • Variance Application Case #2-19, 526 Stricklerstown Rd. – Dale & Anna Mary Good Board reached no consensus after lengthy debate of the application.  More information necessary regarding hardship, existing business operations; size, trucking schedules, hours, employees, etc. to assess Township road and neighborhood impacts.  Board does recommend if variance granted that no additional business or the expansion of either Good’s Transport LLC or Alumaclear Services be permitted on this property.

Correspondence:   reviewed.

 Building Permits: 

53-19 Charles & Carmela Esterly 25 Village Dr shed, fence $9600
54-19 Wyatt Witenski 54 N Sheridan Rd fence
55-19 Jason & Brian Schies 302 Rod & Gun Rd demo sfd & shed $1,000
56-19 William & Susan Coles 6 Overlook Ln roof over exist. patio $7735
57-19 Michael & Sarah Ostrich 202 Edgemont Ln fence $4200
58-19 Peter B. Shirk Lot#329, 27 Evergreen Way SFD $152,000
59-19 Benjamin Lapp 5 Stump Rd. horse barn $150,000
60-19 Peter B. Shirk Lot# 348, 207 Edgemont Ln SFD $115,000
61-19 John Jegla 174 Texter Mission rd solar panels $28,000
62-19 Peter B. Shirk Lot# 349, 205 Edgemont Ln SFD $113,000



Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.    Next meeting is October 2, 2019 at 7 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater