Minutes of Aug. 7, 2019 – Planning Commission

Minutes of August 7, 2019

Members Present: Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, Rich Brandt

Absent:  Donald Leibig & Craig Thompson

Minutes:  July 9, 2019 approved as written; motion made by MH, second by KK.

Reports:  none


  • 5G technology – & Mrs. Beck. Texter Mountain Rd. in attendance to discuss additional information regarding health risks to community and sample ordinances other communities have adopted which limit location of 5G facilities. Board agrees that there is a health risk, and not enough study of health/environmental hazards this technology may create has been completed to date.
  • Board recommends Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution (similar to that attached) to encourage US Congress to commission FCC for due diligence and undertake safety and environmental and health hazard review prior to 5G deployment. Also, to support local government efforts to protect safety and health of citizens by limiting placement, location of 5G Facilities.
  • Board reviewing several local area ordinances that have addressed 5G Technology, and will provide recommendations for revisions to our ordinance accordingly when research completed.
  • Short Term Rentals – continued discussion on definition, conditions and zones allowed. Also discussed other terms to be defined.  Suggested definitions forthcoming.

Correspondence:   reviewed, and the zoning violation notice for fence installed that impedes vision @ street intersection led to discussion on all obstructions; fences, hedges, etc. within Right of way and within clear sight triangles at intersections, this is a safety issue.  Clear sight triangles are specified in Lebanon County SALDO, Sect. 5.1-.c.f (STREETS) as:   75’ from centerline intersection, nothing higher than 30” allowed

Board recommends clear sight triangles be added to our ordinance or reference to Penn Dot standards for clear sight distance.

Building Permits: 

42-19 Seth Miller 4 Hillside Dr fence $15,000
43-19 Peter B. Shirk Lot#346, 211 Edgemont Ln SFD $113,000
44-19 Douglas & Megan Grove 20 Abbey Ln fence $2,000
45-19 Denise Hager 18 S. Parish Ave fence $200
46-19 Nathan Good & Karly Ebersole 141 W Main St shed $4800
47-19 Michael & Sarah Ostrich 371 Cocalico Rd shed $6,000
48-19 Leo & Julie Johnson 76 Round Barn Rd solar panels $19,000
49-19 Jeremy Horst 81 E Bethany Rd demo shed/pole barn $10,000
50-19 Joshua & Rachel Scholtes 221 Edgemont Ln fence $4500
51-19 Andrew & Samantha Showalter 103 Sweetwater Ln shed
52-19 Peter B Shirk Lot#347, 209 Edgemont Ln SFD $113,000


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.    Next meeting is September 4, 2019 at 7 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater