Minutes of May 6, 2019 – Recreation Board

Newmanstown Recreation Board

Monday, May 6, 2019

Monthly Minutes


Recreation Board Members present at the meeting- Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle, Betty Patches, and Josh Garrison

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Justin Arndt.


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April 2019 Minutes- Motion to approve by Justin Arndt, and seconded by Anthony Gettle.


Treasurer’s Report-  Reports for general fund, summer, and soccer accounts provided by Betty Patches.  Motion to approve by Justin Arndt and seconded by Anthony Gettle.

Black top of Basketball Court-  Cracks in blacktop area will be sealed.  Backboards will be ordered by township.  Date TBD

Snack Stand- Clean up and spring detail have been completed.  Cash register was purchased for snack stand.  Stand opened Wednesday, May 8th.

Summer Playground- New activity ideas:  camp fires, movie nights, possible field trips to Reading Museum and Ephrata Cloister.

Spring Work Detail- Security cameras purchased for area.  Picnic table repairs completed. Snack stand was cleaned up.

Newmanstown Richland Soccer Club-  First sign up night 55 kids registered.  Sign up on June 1st from 10-12.  Coaches meeting will be last week in June.

Fall Frolic-  June we will begin planning.  Autumn will head this activity.

Softball– Games begin May 14th.  There will be 6 teams.  Checks will be mailed to Lori for $250 for each team.  Every Tuesday will be their games.  6:15 and 8:00 are the games.  They will begin the first week in May. (Looking at May 7th to be the first game) No boys’ baseball at the field.  Girls softball tournament is June 9th.


No new business

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt at 7:35 and seconded by Betty Patches.

Respectfully submitted by Beth Garrison, Secretary.