Minutes of Feb. 13, 2019 – Supervisors


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 P.M. by V. Chairman, Dan K. Hogeland commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.

Present:                Dan K. Hogeland, V. Chairman

Eric J. Weidman, Supervisor

John D. Enck, Solicitor

Lorie J. Kupp, Sec./Treas.

Absent:               Donald R. Leibig, Chairman


Candie Johnson, was present in regards to Gordon Meckley’s property at 306 Stricklerstown Rd.  The neighbor built a fence and built up the dirt at the fence which blocked a natural swale that was on the property, thereby diverting the water onto Mr. Meckley’s property.  Ms. Johnson is asking the board to contact the Lebanon County Planning Dept. to enforce the County Stormwater Management ordinance on behalf of the Township.  Johnson complained that she has contacted Julie Cheyney and she said that there was nothing that could be done.  Solicitor explained that it is not the Township’s ordinance, so it is up to the County, and perhaps if Ms. Johnson could site the sections/provisions in the County ordinance that were violated by the neighboring landowner they may be able to get further regarding enforcement.  Johnson stressed that Mr. Meckley needs help with this issue.

 Ed Harach, 9 Central Dr. was present and questioned how many tickets were issued from the last snow storms, and why the police aren’t scheduled more for second and third shifts plus weekends?


Millcreek Township Recreation Board – Anthony Gettle was present with report as well as a quote from Hackman paving for resurfacing the basketball court $7,062.

 Newmanstown Ambulance – Matt Sonnen present with yearly report.

 Newmanstown Volunteer Fire Co. – Gary Shollenberger present with the Year End report. The need for additional funding was stressed.

Planning Commission Jan. & Feb. minutes were received.  Weyandt Land Development Plan was reviewed and signed.

Newmanstown Water Authority – minutes were received.

Auditor’s report was received.

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority – minutes received.

Police Activity report was received.

MINUTESMotion by Hogeland to approve the Jan. 7th & 22nd minutes as printed.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.  


Dierwechter Rd. bridge repair – Solicitor reported that he researched if this project would require competitive bidding under provisions of the Second-Class Township code, and concluded that the project falls under repairs and the project could proceed without complying with competitive bidding requirements. 

Zoning Hearing Board – 807 Weavertown Rd., Rissler– Solicitor reported that he presented the Boards conditions at the hearing, but the hearing has again been continued for Feb. 19, 2019.

Eagles Peak sewage module & addendum to Installation, Operation & Maintenance Agreement for Campground Sewage Treatment Plant with stream discharge – Solicitor reported on the status for updating the agreement and the Letter of Credit.  Current owners have agreed to provide the township with a Letter of Credit in the amount of $24,500 and the addendum to the Installation, Operation & Maintenance Agreement that has been prepared.  Solicitor recommended that the Board could make a motion this evening to enter into this addendum and to authorize Secretary to sign the sewage module and send it off to DEP when we receive the letter of credit. Motion by Weidman to enter into the agreement addendum to the Installation, Operation & Maintenance Agreement for a Campground Sewage Treatment Plant with stream discharge and to authorize the Township Secretary to sign the sewage planning module once we receive the Letter of Credit as required by the agreement, and send it off to DEP.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Newburg Village Street light request (7 lights Phase 3 Section 10)- Solicitor reported that he has prepared the Agreement and sent it to Mr. Shirk for signatures.  Once received back the Board may take action.


UGI Ahead of Paving program 2019 was tabled.

Resignations – Rec Board members Maureen McGuire & KatyBeth Shuey were readMotion by Hogeland to accept the resignations of KatyBeth Shuey and Maureen McGuire.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.  Secretary to send thank you letters.


Dept. of General Services participation for 2019/2020 salt purchasing was discussed.   This year’s contract was for 550 tons.  Motion by Hogeland to participate in the CoStars Dept. of General Services salt contract for our township and purchase 550 Tons of salt for 2019/2020.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

2019 Street Sweeping proposal discussed – April 29th & 30th Motion by Weidman to set 2019 street sweeping dates for Monday April 29th & Tuesday April 30th  with Martin’s Paving.  Seconded by Hogeland. 

New Business resumed………

ELCO Youth Baseball field use request 2019 – request for fields discussed. (Mondays, Thurs. & Sat. – March thru June) E-mail from J. Arndt advised that no fields should be approved for June 8th or Fall baseball.  Motion by Hogeland to approve their request for use of the fields Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays with conditions.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

2019 Tire Collection scheduled for Wed. April 17, 2019 – pre-registration by April 3rd.

Millcreek Rod & Gun Club request for assistance was received.

Annual state reports – were acknowledged and reviewed by Board:  MS-965 Liquid Fuels Actual Use Report; DCED Officials List; Survey of Financial Condition; AG-385 Municipal Pension form.  All reports were submitted on-line as required.


Tomlinson Bomberger proposals – Municipal Park $219.68 bagworm treatment, Newburg Open Space $1285.20 weed control were discussed.  Motion by Weidman to approve the quotes from Tomlinson Bomberger for the $219.68 bagworm treatment and the $1285.20 weed control treatment.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Fire Police – request for appointment – French George was read.  Motion by Hogeland to appoint French George to the Fire Police.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Newmanstown Volunteer Fire Co. 2019 list of requests to assist was reviewed. Motion by Weidman to approve the Newmanstown Volunteer Fire Co. list of activities for 2019.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.        

Rec Board recommended appointment to fill KatyBeth Shuey’s term was reviewed.  Motion by Weidman to accept the appointment of Beth Garrison to the Newmanstown Recreation Board effective today to fill KatyBeth’s unexpired term.

BILLS/TREASURERS REPORT:   Motion by Hogeland to accept the Treasurers Report and pay the bills as money is available.  Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Weidman to adjourn meeting at 8:45P.M.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.