Minutes of Jan. 22, 2019 – Supervisors

Minutes of Jan. 22, 2019

Special Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:36 A. M. by Chairman, Donald R. Leibig commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.

Present:           Donald R. Leibig, Chairman

Dan K. Hogeland, V. Chairman

Eric J. Weidman, Supervisor

John D. Enck, Solicitor

Lorie J. Kupp, Sec./Treas.



Rissler Zoning Hearing – 807 Weavertown Rd.– Solicitor was present to present the Board with the list of variance conditions that were discussed concerning the recent Executive Session at the zoning hearing board meeting 1/23/19 for the Rissler property.  Solicitor will state that the Board does not concede that a variance is appropriate but should the Zoning Hearing Board grant the variance the Supervisors have requested conditions.  Motion by Weidman that we authorize Solicitor Enck to attend and present to the Zoning Hearing Board the proposed conditions that we have in the variance list along with the neighbor requests that are also printed.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Solicitor announced that an Executive Session was held with the Board Jan. 17th to further discuss the Rissler ZHB matter.


Motion by Weidman to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 A.M.  Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.