Minutes of March 4, 2019 – Recreation Board

Newmanstown Recreation Board

Monday, March 4, 2019

Monthly Minutes


Recreation Board Members present at the meeting- Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle, Betty Patches, and Beth GarrisonMeeting called to order at 7:09 p.m. by Anthony Gettle, and seconded by Betty Patches.


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February 2019 Minutes- Motion to approve by Justin Arndt, seconded by Betty Patches.


Treasurer’s Report- Reports for general fund, summer, and soccer accounts provided by Betty Patches.  Motion to approve report by Justin Arndt and seconded by Anthony Gettle.

Black top of Basketball Court-  Anthony working on a quote. Anthony will call Lori at the township building.

Snack Stand- Clean up in the spring work detail. Roberta Desantis willing to run stand for fall soccer next year.  Will purchase a new cash box for the snack stand.

Spring Work Detail-  Water running when weather warms up (hopefully the second week of April).  Plan for April weather dependent.

Summer Playground-Program duration to be determined.  Directors will remain the same.  Activities and equipment are being looked at for the summer.

Newmanstown Richland Soccer Club-  Spring meeting with the coaches.  TBD (possibly April).

Fall Frolic- 2019 is 15th anniversary.  Begin planning in June.

Softball– Danielle Bossler is the new contact person for softball.  They will play on Tuesdays.  6 teams for Slow Pitch Softball. Practices will begin in April.  Schedule will be sent to Anthony.  The Rec will sponsor a team again this year.


Maureen sent in her resignation letter to Justin Arndt and Lori via email.  Replacement nominee was Josh Garrison and vote was motioned to approve by Justin Arndt and second by Anthony Gettle.

Next meeting to be held on Monday, April 1, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Betty Patches, seconded by Anthony Gettle at 7:51.

Respectfully submitted by Beth Garrison, Secretary.