Minutes of Jan. 16, 2019 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Jan. 16, 2019

Members Present: Donald Leibig, Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, & Rich Brandt

Minutes:  Jan. 9, 2019 approved as written, motion made by RB/second by MH.

Reports:  Krater reported on discussion with LC Sewage officer, Dave Siminitus regarding 807 Weavertown Rd. property sewage requirements.  Sewage planning necessary for additional use, existing system ok for the 9 BR residence.


Review Rissler variance application for short term rental and event venue use at 807 Weavertown Rd.  Board majority not in favor of granting this variance.  This is a relatively small property with historic residence proposing a potentially intensive, repetitive event use within the agricultural district.  Neighboring dwellings and agricultural operation outbuildings in close proximity.  Applicant cites high taxes as hardship & a historic building worth saving which is also expensive for its upkeep, restoration, and maintenance.

However, if variance is granted Board recommends the following conditions be part of the decision.

  1. Applicant suggested conditions with Board recommended edits/revisions (see attached) The list of applicant suggested proposed zoning variance approval conditions reviewed.  Revisions to applicant suggested conditions were made. Additional conditions were discussed. A list of Board recommended additional conditions are attached (see list of additional conditions on next page)


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater




In addition to the proposed (with PC revisions suggested) zoning conditions as per applicant the PC recommends the following conditions also be included in a ZHB decision if a variance is granted…..

  • Driveways – no shared access. Provide driveway on own property for access to parking/loading for rentals and events. Widths and radii to accommodate emergency vehicles.  Sight distances @ intersection with Weavertown Rd. per PA DOT requirements, obtain driveway permits as necessary.
  • Land Development Plan Submission and approval in accordance with local, county, state requirements. Plans shall include but not be limited to:
  • Additional Sewage – Sewage planning/system installation per PA DEP regulation subject to review/approval of Lebanon Cty. Sewage Officer.
  • Parking – 10’ x 20’ spaces, access lanes, etc. per Article 17 of zoning ordinance. This may be limiting factor for # of guests for an event.
  • Stormwater – addressed per Lebanon County Stormwater Ordinance & any applicable local, state, or Federal regulations.
  • Lighting – keep to minimum necessary for safety & security of users. No lights glare onto/into neighboring houses, no overhead sky glow.
  • Erosion & Sediment control requiring Lebanon County Conservation District approval & conformance with DEP regulations.
  • Water wells – adequate supply of water for events? Maintain required isolation from sewage sites/SW BMP’s on property and from neighboring systems.
  • Register event venue business with Township/pay Local Service tax
  • Any events, whether as part of a short-term rental or as an event rental, hosting 50 or more people requires an on-site­ professional property manager or bonafied security personal registered as required in accordance with local and state requirements, during the entire event.
  • Notify Millcreek Township and/or Twp. Police of any event gathering 50 or greater (may affect police schedules) Notification to surrounding neighbors also suggested.
  • Fencing – to contain patrons/buffering neighbors. Install 6’ Ht Privacy (solid) fence along rear property line to shield from neighboring property.  Install decorative fencing/gates along all side property lines (north & south) post no trespass signs at gateways
  • No fireworks or bonfires
  • Patrons, owners, and attendees must be made aware this is an active agricultural zone and no nuisance complaints about smell, noise, etc. will be made or tolerated or acted upon pursuant to Act40 (ACRE LAW) No interference with agricultural practices or production allowed.