Minutes of Dec. 5, 2018 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Dec. 5, 2018

 Members Present: Craig Thompson, Karen Krater, Mervin Horst, Donald Leibig, & Rich Brandt

Minutes:  Nov. 7, 2018 Accepted as written, motion made by CT/second by MH.


Karen Krater reported on Supervisors meeting.

Land Development Plans:

Eagles Peak Campground – Revised Preliminary/Final plans reviewed.  It appears setbacks have been revised to 100 ft. in conformance with zoning ordinance Section 6.04.m.3.  Applicant still addressing possible revision to an ex. Twp/owner agreement DEP had requested at time of original sewage planning for sewage plant under Pete Frederick ownership & the associated Letter of Credit as advised by Township Solicitor Enck.


  1. Irvin Ringler, 11 S. Mountain Rd. – Lebanon County Conservation District approval.
  2. Vernon Shirk – 41 S. Mountain Rd. – Lebanon County Conservation District approval.


2019 meeting dates reviewed.  First Wed. of each month except July – that will be July 9th (Tues.) instead.  All meetings to begin at 7 PM.

Building Permits:  none


Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm.  Next meeting scheduled for Jan. 2, 2019 @ 7 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Karen Krater