Minutes of Feb. 12, 2018 – Recreation Board



February 12, 2018



Recreation Board Members present at the meeting – Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle and KatyBeth Shuey.

Guests – Dan Hoagland

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Director Justin Arndt.


No public comments presented.

            Motion to approved by Justin Arndt and second by Anthony Gettle.

            Reports for general fund, summer playground and soccer accounts provided by Treasurer Betty Patches. We reviewed the 2017 Summer Playground expense report. Motion to approve reports by KatyBeth Shuey and second by Anthony Gettle.


  1. Well Span Walking program- Have not heard from person in charge. We will wait until they get in touch with us.
  2. Hot dogs- Waiting to hear back about account
  3. Bathrooms- Kids are still taking trash cans and dragging them to the bathrooms and getting on top of roofs. Thinking maybe getting cameras or more signs. Maybe township can help us.
  4. Playground update- No updates yet
  5. Dedication ceremony to new playground- We will wait until closer to opening.
  6. Running Program- Will start April 8th.
  7. Baseball- Will be running same as last year. Autumn Gettle sent emails to those needed to get in touch about starting season.
  8. Softball- Bob resigned doing softball, currently looking for a replacement (volunteer) to coordinate the ladies softball teams.
  9. Snack stand involvement- Still looking for 1-2 volunteers to help out this year.


  1. Fridge in Snack Stand- Anthony will be in charge of disposing and Justin will help. We will be looking for a new one to be donated to the rec board. We will be making a facebook post to ask for anyone that can donate one. Deadline to have fridge out by March 1st.
  2. Christmas tree lights- Lights used to last year’s Christmas tree lighting were too hot. We are looking for donations for more lights for this year if anyone is willing to donate.
  3. Advertising playground and soccer- We will put signs up again this year and give letters to the schools so they can send the information home with parents. Autumn Gettle will have signs completed by April 15th so Justin Arndt can approve.
  4. Soccer sign ups- If you sign up before June 2nd 5$ off:
    1. 1 child – $30 before June 2nd, after June 2nd it will be $35.
    2. 2 children – $55 before June 2nd, after June 2nd it will be $60.

Last day for signups will be June 23rd, we will not accept any signups after this date.

Next meeting is to be held on Monday, March 5, 2018.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt, second by KatyBeth Shuey at 7:38 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by KatyBeth Shuey, Secretary.