Minutes of Nov. 6, 2017 – Recreation Board



November 6, 2017



Recreation Board Members present at the meeting – Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle, KatyBeth Shuey, Betty Patches

Guests – Dan Hoagland

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Director Justin Arndt.


No public comments presented.


Motion to approved by KatyBeth Shuey and second by Betty Patches.
            Reports for general fund, summer playground and soccer accounts provided by Treasurer Betty Patches. Closed the Newmanstown community account and transferred  $569.79 into general fund.  Motion to approve reports by Justin Arndt and second by Anthony Gettle.


  • Newmanstown Richland Soccer Club- Oct 20th a coach’s kid got hurt at 7pm game, no one from the rec board was told. 21st they went to urgent care and they put the child in an air cast and by Wednesday, Oct 25th it was taken off and he was cleared to play already by Fridays game. Oct 27th before 7pm game was the first contact to the club that the situation happened. They asked to see if they could get club insurance to cover the cost after looking into it, it would have been a 200 $ deductible, so Justin contacted the family Sunday the 29, Monday the 30th. On the 30th received pictures of documents for appointments. That evening Justin contacted the father to get ahold of him about submitting to insurance. Justin has not heard from this family since.

There were some emails sent to Director of rec board about coaches, coaches were addressed about situations.

We will want to implement a subcommittee for soccer next year.

  • Snack Stand – We need volunteers for snack stand for next year. Posing ad on Facebook page Jan 2018. We will be winterizing the snack stand Sunday, Nov 12th at 8am.
  • Fall Frolic- Good outcome for fall frolic. $805 of donations this year, spent a total of $815. Made a profit of $365. Having Kiri Arndt and Autumn Gettle on the subcommittee worked out very well this year.
  • Pavilion Outside electrical outlet – Talked to Bob Wright, Bob said that he will take care of it himself


  1. Christmas tree lighting- Dec 2nd is Christmas tree lighting. Crime watch is doing cookies with Santa 2-4:30pm. Followed by tree lighting at 5pm.
  2. Christmas display contest- The categories this year will be best house $50, best porch $25, and best door $10. Judging will be December 9th. Motion to approve by Justin Arndt and second by Anthony Gettle.
  3. Well Span Walking program- Well span is trying to reach out to new areas to do walking programs, Justin will contact the person to get more information.
  4. Bees in snack stand- There was an issue with bees at the snack stand. There was a bee nest in the concert cinderblock. Justin and Anthony took care of it.
  5. Closing of bathrooms for season- We will winterize the bathrooms on Nov 12th
  6. Hot dogs- There is a company that we can get hotdogs in bulk with an account and they will deliver as well. Justin Arndt made a motion to approve and second by Anthony Gettle.
  7. Playground update- Received letter from Mill Creek township that they submitted to the county for the playground to be made in the free space at Newburg village.
  8. Lights out at snack stand pavilion and outside restroom – Lights at the pavilion near the snack stand that is out and the light above the bathroom is out as well.

Next meeting to be held on Monday, December 4, 2017 at Ozgoods.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt, second by KatyBeth Shuey at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by KatyBeth Shuey, Secretary.