Minutes of Sept. 6, 2017 – Planning Commission

Minutes of Sept. 6, 2017


Members Present: Mervin Horst, Karen Krater & Craig Thompson

Absent: Rich Brandt & Donald Leibig

Minutes:  Aug. 2, 2017 minutes approved as written.


  • Dollar General Land Development Plan – 54 E. Main St. – Reviews from LCPD, & review response from Miller Bros. Construction received.
  • Lamar Weaver Turkey Barns, 107 S. Millbach Rd. – GDK Engineer/David Keener attended with plans. Review comments from LCPD, Bolt Engineering discussed.  Keener indicated all revisions have been made & resubmitted to LCPD. The Board recommends approval of plans if LCPD issues a favorable letter that all revisions are complete and approval warranted.  If this is accomplished prior to the next Board of Supervisors meeting a member of Planning Commission will attend meeting & sign plans.  NPDES permit approval received Aug. 31, 2017.
  • Rebecca Batz Subdivision, 145 Millbach Rd. – LCPD letter stating approval warranted is attached and Bolt Engineering review dated Aug. 9, 2017. Plans for recording attached with last revised date of 8/3/17. Board questions if Bolt Engineering comment #22 on page 1 of review has been addressed since the review letter is dated 8/9/17, after the last plan revision date.  There is no sheet 5 included in the plan sets to be recorded however an earlier set did include sheet 5 and the erroneous dimension.  Since it pertains to Storm water facility construction and proper sizing the Board would like to have this confirmed.  Should this sheet also be recorded? And PCSM report updated? The Board recommends approval of Bolt Engineering review comments of 8/9/17 are confirmed as complete and plans can be signed by the MPZB.
  • Planning Module for this project. Board recommends approval subject to previo9us comment being resolved.  However, Board also had a question on page 2 of component 4a, #16…from what we found on Sect. Q, pg. 9 a waiver was not requested so pg. 2, #16 should be “no” – correct?  Also, Section Q, pg. 9 shouldn’t that entire Section be completed since marginal site conditions were checked in Section H, pg. 4?
  • Newburg Village – Sect. 10 – copy of Final Plan Submission received.

Correspondence:  reviewed

Building Permits: 

55-17 Brian Bogert 2 Hillside Dr. patio surrounding pool $32,400
56-17 John Ray Martin 670 Stricklerstown Rd. demo SFD
57-17 Todd & AnnaMarie Pietrobono 264 W. Texter Mission Rd. pole barn $15,000

8:15 pm Next meeting scheduled for Oct. 4, 2017 @ 7 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Krater