MINUTES OF JULY 12, 2017 – Supervisors


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman Donald R. Leibig, commencing with the Pledge to the Flag.

Present:               Donald R. Leibig, Chairman

Dan K. Hogeland, V. Chairman

Eric J. Weidman, Supervisor

John Enck, Solicitor

Jamie Motley, Engineer

Absent:                Lorie J. Kupp, Sec./Treas.


Kim & John Wilson, 105 E. Main St. were present regarding their neighboring property (103 E. Main St) Pictures of the trash on the property were presented to the Board. The smell, skunks and maggots are horrible.  The Wilson’s requested the Board do some type of ordinance to address the issue.  Board instructed the Wilson’s to call the township when this occurs again.

Phoebe Merkel was present questioning why her son Chris Merkel who lives at 12 Cottage Lane would need to attend a meeting to get reimbursement of overpaid fire hydrant tax of $2.44? Board will look into this.


Paving Texter Mountain Rd.:

Ronnie Folk Paving:                         $72.79-unit price – $60,807.60 Total price

New Enterprise Stone & Lime:    $65.80-unit price – $55,272.00 Total price

Shiloh Paving & Excavating:         $91.00-unit price – $76,440.00 Total price

Motion by Leibig to award New Enterprise the bid for doing Texter Mountain Rd. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Items for sale on Municibid:

1993 International Dump Truck – high bidder Carl Orlosky $7,100, second highest bidder Richard Reber $7,000. Motion by Leibig to award the dump truck bid to Mr. Carl Orlosky for $7,100, who Brian will contact. Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.

Forks from old backhoe – high bidder Anthony Garcia $800, second highest bidder Robert Weinhold $775. Motion by Leibig to award the bid for the forks to the backhoe to Mr. Anthony Garcia for a bid of $800. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.


Recreation Board minutes were received.

Newmanstown Water Authority minutes & audit report were received.

GLRA – minutes received.

Police Activity report was received.

Lech – Annual Maintenance Report was received.

MINUTES: Motion by Hogeland to approve the minutes as printed. Seconded by Weidman.  All aye, motion carried.


Recreation By-laws – Hogeland reported that no one showed up for the last Rec Board meeting. Tabled till next month’s meeting.

Sample Ordinance from Richland Borough – Depositing of grass on roads was discussed.   Suggested having Lorie check through our current ordinances for nuisance types that apply to this problem.  Solicitor gave insight on court cases.  John will prepare draft ordinance for the August meeting.


Jamie Motley was in attendance to brief the Board on the MS4 requirements that the township must complete. 1) Public Education & Outreach within 1 year of Minimum Control Measure (MCM) permits issuance; 2) Public Participation & Involvement Program; 3) Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination – ordinance required; 4) Construction Site Storm water Runoff Control (County); 5) Post Construction Storm water Management in New Development & Redevelopment (County); 6) Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Develop, implement & maintain O & M program as well as implement an employee training program.  Will have a year after the permit is issued to implement these programs.

Township’s responsibility financially – will need to budget for improvements. Jamie will have the PRP done for August 2017 meeting.

Solicitor resumed:

Leibig briefed Solicitor on flooding on E. Park St. and Engineer Rick Bolt’s recommendations. A berm was built by a property owner and now rain runoff is flooding into another property owners garage.  Engineer said if the berm is in the township right of way we could take it down.  Leibig questioned the township’s liability?  The issue could be more of a private issue between 2 property owners, because both could claim the other changed the natural flow of the water. One by building the garage and the other by creating the berm.

Hearing of visitors resumed….

Jack Keener was present to inform the Board about a right-of-way swap with the Womelsdorf-Robesonia Joint Auth. and himself. He will need to request a letter from the Board to Penn Dot acknowledging this project.  Leibig suggested he get the information to the Secretary for the next meeting.  It would be a limited use permit at the intersection of Ft. Zellers & Sheridan Rds.

ACTION:  none


Liquid Fuels audit correspondence noted.


Park & Recreation funding notice – $42,000 (Pete Shirk subdivision) was briefly discussed and tabled until the next meeting, Hogeland will report back to the Board in August.

Request for Penn Dot written confirmation of driveway access to S. Millbach Rd. (SR2015) (Weaver turkey barns) was reviewed & discussed. Motion by Leibig that we are aware of the Weaver project. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Request for Penn Dot written confirmation of driveway access to E. Main St. (SR 419) (Dollar General project)     was reviewed & discussed.  Motion by Leibig that we are aware of the Dollar General project and access to SR 419. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

Request for Fire Police – ELCO football games Sept. & Oct. Motion by Leibig to grant permission to the Newmanstown Fire Police to help out at the ELCO football games. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

BILLS/TREASURERS REPORT:   Motion by Leibig to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills as money is available. Seconded by Hogeland.  All aye, motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Hogeland to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 P.M. Seconded by Weidman.   All aye, motion carried.