Minutes of June 7, 2017 – Planning Commission

Minutes of June 7, 2017

Members Present: Mervin Horst, Rich Brandt, Karen Krater, Donald Leibig & Craig Thompson

Minutes:  May 3, 2017 minutes approved as written.  Motion by CT, RB second.

Reports: none

Old Business:

  1. Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Kerwin H. Newswanger, Yourshaw Engineering attended.       Board recommends conditional approval subject to verification that all plan items have been addressed. Intent is to confirm this and sign plans prior to Board of Supervisors meeting June 14.

New Business:

  1. Brett & Kim Eberly & Rebecca Batz Final Subdivision & Storm water Plan, Millbach Rd. – Ag Zoning. Plan reviewed, comments are as follows:
  • Zoning chart – required lot area – 2 AC Maximum
  • Can the 2 AC Lot 1 subdivision and the 0.16 AC annexation subdivision be done at same time or does it violate the 2 AC max or any other provision in the AG Zoning?   Can 2 subdivisions be done at same time?
  • Where will the greywater system be located? Are there provisions for replacement should this system fail?
  • A chart indicating the maximum allowed single family dwellings/subdivisions based upon original tract, and the number remaining after this subdivision. (Again – would it be one or 2 because of annexation?) And also included on deed for property (Sect. 6.03.C.5)
  • Add note should be on plan per Sect. 6.03.C7 Limiting any additional single-family dwelling lot subdivision for 5-year period.

Building Permits:


27-17 Terry Hartranft 1 Newburg Dr. shed $1,780
28-17 Tina K. Hedgepath 17 Newburg Dr. AG pool $4390
29-17 Peter B. Shirk Lot# 373, 19 Hillside Dr. SFD $138,000
30-17 Marcus & Renae Hurst 598 Mem. Blvd. garage addition $25,000
31-17 Jennifer Haas 6 Lester Lane AG pool $6400
32-17 Peter B. Shirk Lot# 336, 3 Hillside Dr. SFD $108,800
33-17 David & Nadezda Keithley 213 Village Dr. solar panels $15,993
34-17 Travis & Courtney Peiffer 206 Village Dr. shed $3,847
35-17 Timothy & Josephine Griffith 21 Eagle View Dr. shed $2,000




Adjournment: 8:20 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for July 5, 2017 @ 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Krater