Minutes of June 5, 2017 – Recreation Board



June 5, 2017



Recreation Board Members present at the meeting – Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle, Angie Holmes, Betty Patches

Guests – KatyBeth Shuey

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Director Justin Arndt.


No public comments presented.


May 2017 Minutes – Motion to approve by Justin Arndt, seconded by Betty Patches. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Correspondence – No new correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report – Reports for general fund, summer and soccer accounts provided by Treasurer Betty Patches. Motion to approve reports by Angie Holmes and seconded by Anthony Gettle. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Newmanstown Community Association – No update provided by Libby Fiorini. Director Justin Arndt will contact her to provide an update at next meeting.

Bylaws –Recreation Board Bylaws have been approved by Millcreek Township Supervisors.

Women’s Rec Softball – Some communication issues noted since last meeting. We lost some revenue because we were not informed of game/practice cancellations. Rec Board is requesting that notice be provided of all cancellations at least 60 minutes prior to game.

Snack Stand – Going very well. Will not be opening snack stand when back field is only field in use due to lack of sales.

Summer Playground – Playground Directors and Rec Board members to meet this week. Rec Board has agreed to change ages of playground participants to ages 7 to 15. Children under age 7 are still welcome but must have an adult/guardian present at all times.

Newmanstown Richland Soccer Club – Sign-up deadline of June 24 has been advertised via social media.

Fall Frolic – A motion was made by Anthony Gettle, seconded by Betty Patches to create a Fall Frolic Committee. At the next Rec Board meeting, all members are asked to provide a list of possible donators (individual and business), and identify two community members who may be interested in joining the Fall Frolic Committee. A Fall Frolic meeting date will be scheduled at the next Rec Board meeting.


Playground Swings Purchase –Board has decided not to purchase additional baby swings at this time. There are currently 4 baby swings available at White Swan Park.

Member Resignation – Angie Holmes has requested to resign from the Recreation Board. A motion was made by Betty Patches, and seconded by Justin Arndt to approve this resignation request. A resignation letter will be submitted to Millcreek Township.

Member Nomination – A motion was made by Betty Patches, and seconded by Anthony Gettle to nominate KatyBeth Shuey for the vacated Board position. Nomination approved by unanimous vote, and accepted in person by Katybeth Shuey.

Next meeting to be held on Monday, July 10, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Anthony Gettle, seconded by Betty Patches at 8:31 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Angie Holmes, Secretary.