Minutes of May 1, 2017 – Recreation Board



May 1, 2017


Recreation Board Members present at the meeting – Justin Arndt, Anthony Gettle, Angie Holmes, Betty Patches

Guests – KatyBeth Shuey, Snack Stand Coordinator

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Director Justin Arndt.


No public comments presented.


April 2017 Minutes – Motion to approve by Justin Arndt, seconded by Betty Patches. Approved by unanimous vote.

Correspondence – No new correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report – Reports for general fund, summer and soccer accounts provided by Treasurer Betty Patches. Motion to approve reports by Justin Arndt and seconded by Anthony Gettle. Approved by unanimous vote.

Healthy Kids Running Program – Week 4 completed. Continues to be a very popular and successful program with attendance now close to 100 youth participants.

Newmanstown Community Association – Libby is developing the paperwork to move this group to inactive status.

Bylaws –Recreation Board Bylaws have been submitted to Millcreek Township for review.

Baseball Field/Pavilion Rental and Reservation Agreement – Township agreed to the proposed changes recommended by this Board for use of White Swan Park facilities. The new rental agreement and fees are now posted on the Township web site for public view and use.

2015 IRS Letter – Libby Fiorini has completed required paperwork for NCA. This item may be removed from future agendas.

Women’s Rec Softball – No new updates.

Snack Stand – Will not be open for last week of Healthy Kids Running Program due to the program providing its own refreshments. KatyBeth Shuey will be coordinating the snack stand during the softball/baseball season. Tournament this weekend.

Boyer’s Food Market Charge Account – All Rec Board members listed as authorized purchasers. Bills will be received at the PO Box.

Field Use – Community members should call to schedule use of fields. No charge to community members for pick-up games and recreational use however this will decrease scheduling conflicts.


Summer Playground – Staff Interviews completed.

Newmanstown Richland Soccer Club – All flyers distributed. Sign-Ups begin this Wednesday.

Fall Frolic – Rec Board members to develop list of possible donators/donations to be used for discussion at next meeting.

Next meeting to be held on Monday, June 5, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Justin Arndt, seconded by Betty Patches at 8:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Angie Holmes, Secretary.